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How to accustom himself to the sport ?.

How to accustom himself to the sport?

Sport - is not only a way to keep slimfigure. One hour of exercise a day improves the cardiovascular system, increases the overall tone of the body, removes toxins, resulting in the order of ideas and improves self-esteem. Despite the fact that the benefits of the sport know everything, they are regularly very few people involved.
How to accustom himself to the sport?
First you need to understand the reason of refusalexercise regularly. In the exercise, you can always find the time, energy and money. But laziness is difficult to overcome. Of course, who wants to wake up early in the morning to get up from the dank morning warm bed for a few laps running in the stadium? It should start small, it is better to walk 30 minutes on foot, than this time lain in bed. Accustom themselves to the sport will help motivation. We need to find a stimulus that will help first time "not shirk" classes. For example, you can find the handsome coach to buy a new or under-ah comfortable treadmill. Much nicer to wake up in the morning with thoughts of easy jogging to your favorite music. Investment in sports - not a waste but an investment in your own health.
There are other ways to help teachhimself to the sport. It is important to remind ourselves regularly of the benefits of sport. Do not use long goal such as long life. Suit incentives "Light jogging will help me to get into your favorite jeans," or "I can afford to eat cake." Still it is necessary to determine the most attractive sport. If you do not like to run, do not force yourself to jogging - it is useless. You can take, for example, yoga or aerobics.
It is useful to get acquainted with the recommendations of the trainers, who help newcomers to accustom himself to the sport.
Do exercises on Monday, it is necessary, it will set the mood for the rest of the week.
It works better in the morning. During the day, the first, harder to find time for exercise, and, secondly, make themselves difficult to start exercises. As a rule, the most difficult - to begin to engage. Therefore, you should not give yourself time to change your mind, you have to go to practice immediately after waking up. The only way you will be able to accustom himself to the sport.
Can be practiced every day. You can relax a day or two, but on the third day to pull myself together and continue training.
It is useful to think of himself reward system, which is very well to accustom himself to the sport.
Sport is useful not only for health but also for your general health. Active life increases self-esteem and helps to fight against laziness.