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How not to oversleep?

How not to oversleep?

1. It should be enough time to sleep. It is very difficult to get up after a sleepless night, and chronic sleep deprivation makes this an insurmountable problem. It is necessary to determine how much your body requires sleep a day and sleep the number of hours, which, in turn, depends on your physical and mental load during the day. Despite the greater number of hours of sleep over the weekend - on weekdays, too, need to sleep enough. To sleep like to eat for the future - you can not.

2. Log into the rhythm. Our body lives on a certain rhythm, the so-called "diurnal cycle", and get into it is very important for good health and good rest. For this you need to try to go to bed at the same time several days in a row. The result, as they say, is on the face. If you are going to wake up to an alarm clock - you need time to shift slightly forward, and if after - accordingly ago.

3. Sleep on the 90 · minutes. human sleep cycle is 90 minutes, on average. That is, to sleep and to feel normal all day - you need to get in this cycle. Namely, 6, 7 and a half 9 hours. Then you'll feel fine.

4. Sleep comfortably. And as 12 hours of sleep may be the result of "weakness" in the morning, if you do not sleep comfortably. The bed should be comfortable and spacious. the temperature in the bedroom - the optimal (slightly cool), TV and music - are off. Do not drink alcohol and coffee before going to bed, and sometimes - even tea can cause poor sleep. In the summer - make sure to use mosquito repellent.

5. Choose the correct Service. One person wakes up the best mobile phone call, the second - a radio signal, and someone can wake up at all by phone vibrating alert. Pick the best option.

6. Wake up before. It often happens that we wake up a few minutes before the alarm. And it seems that you can go back to sleep. In no case can not be! We must immediately get up, because the likelihood that oversleep alarm clock that rings after 10 minutes is very large. And after the second awakening in such a short period of time the person will again, all day feel overwhelmed.

7. Add lighting. The human body reacts to light, even during sleep, so wake up will be much easier, and more enjoyable if the window in the morning the sun will shine a ray. Light helps to wake up, and hence should be why it is so difficult to get up very early in the morning before sunrise.

8. Cheer up. As soon as you get up from bed - include energetic music, move more, as they say - is not idle. Take charge, quickly remove the bed, put a kettle, cook breakfast under the energetic music. It helps.

9. Take a shower. This is also a very effective way to wake up and come to life for a whole day. It helps even shower gel citrus or mint. If there is no desire to wash, you can just smell some pungent smells, the same shower gel, mint and lemon smells good encouraging.

10. Drink. Next, and perhaps the last paragraph of the morning program - liquid. This can be tea, coffee, water ... Anything, just to a liquid. This helps to start the work of the body.