Fitness and Sports

Gymnastics for a slender body.

A set of exercises:

- Walking in place, lifting knees high, for 25-30 seconds. In the first four steps to breathe, for the next four - exhale;

- Straddle, bend the right leg, three springy toe leans toward the left, straight leg. Run 4-6 tilts to each foot;

- Straddle, perform a circular motion pelvis, with the draw in and make an issue of the abdominal wall. Repeat 6-8 times on each side;

- Standing, hands on his stomach, perform springy, three times in a row, squat, hands pressing on the abdominal wall. Repeat 16-20 times;

- Stand on one leg, the other is put aside,We stick arms of his chair, making a circular motion on the foot with a large amplitude possible, first in one direction and then in another direction. Repeat the exercise for each foot 8-12 times;

- Standing on toes, hands holding on to the back of a chair, perform springy movement, bending and straightening the leg at the ankle joints, for 15-20 sec .;

- We get, jump on two and on each foot separately for 25-30 seconds, finishing walking on the spot;

- Lie down on your back, bend legs, sit down, and then, straightening them twice to lean forward, trying to face, touch the knees, then lay down on his back again. Repeat 12-16 times;

- Lie down, hands on belly, bulge and rhythmically draw in the abdominal wall, hands pressing on her. Repeat 8-12 times;

- We get up, feet apart, elbows arms to the sides and back, flex - breath, then leaned forward, hands relaxed - exhale. Repeat 3-4 times and finish the morning exercises.