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Flat tummy.

What girl does not dream now of a thin waist and tighten the tummy!

To combat the fat deposits in the course are any methods: miraculous pills, rubbing, diet, exhausting workout, even acupuncture.

Perhaps some of these tools to help you, the weight decreases rapidly, but, you notice, your stomach is still far from perfect.

In one case there fat? It is worth thinking about how important digestion plays in changing your forms.

Perhaps you have noticed how sometimes in the morning your stomach becomes a shape close to perfection, but in the afternoon you have difficulty buttoning on itself favorite skirt?

It's all about violations digestive function. Chief among them - intestinal sluggishness and poor secretion of bile. Let's try to learn how to deal with them.

Firstly, let's not forget about the diet. But not the one where six months eating all but a month - nothing but a daily balanced diet. Get plenty of fiber! Apples, cabbage, prunes, oatmeal ... At first glance, it is from their stomach and swells at the wrong time, but ...

Here we come to the second point of our work -normalization of the bowel. Note that the most common cause blistering, constipation and other troubles is weak secretion of bile. How to build it?

First of all, it is essential to run in the morning livergall bladder and pancreas before you start breakfast. To do this, you need to drink a glass of warm (almost better hot) water and transgress to the exercises.

Here are the most easy and effective.

Lie on your stomach, leaning on his hands wide apart.

On a deep breath (stomach should inflate)turn body to the right enough to see the heel. On the exhale, turn around back. Repeat fifteen times. Now do the same exercise with a turn to the left.

The next exercise - boat. Still lying on his belly, grabs her hands and ankles were swinging back and forth like a ship on the waves.

Then you can proceed to the usual set of exercises to you, try to fill it with more twists and tilts. It is also good to rotate the hoop.

Charges? Now relax.

Perhaps you will feel well in the right upper quadrantbubbling, and then a rush of appetite. It went to the bile, which means you are ready for breakfast. Remember it is better to start than with eggs or a sandwich and a apple.

During the day and try to move more. Even sitting at your desk, you can povertetsya on the chair, and if conditions permit, then ponagibatsya.

When bowel sluggishness also help and the nextan exercise. Not getting up out of bed, pull on your back, relax, and then bend your knees and forcefully press them to his chest. Repeat twenty times.

Performing these simple steps you will improve not only the shape but also to organize the work of the body and, therefore, become healthier and more beautiful!