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Flat tummy.

Every woman or girl ever, butI thought about the shape of your tummy. Very many people concerned about the question: "What is it that make your stomach taut and attractive" Many, even subtly, bone, stomach is not very priglyadnuyu form. It can be concluded that it is not only your weight, but also that the condition of the muscles of the abdominal wall. Weakness of these muscles leads to the formation of ugly belly.

A flat stomach is the dream of many women, but not allknow that to achieve this result, you need to train hard. Pumped abdominal muscles do tighten hips, waist, sleeker, more slender legs. No diet or the hunger strike will not help you achieve the desired result, only classes in the hall, only to power the load.

We offer these exercises:

1. Lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees. Torn off the blade from the floor, got up - exhale, lay down - a breath. We do two sets of 25 times. Powered top press.

2. Lying on the floor on his back, hands under the buttocks. Raise the legs 45 degrees from the floor. Works lower abs, 2 sets of 20 times.

3. Lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees. Torn off the blade from the floor, pulling his right hand to his left knee and vice versa. At 15 times in one direction and 20 alternate right - left.

4. Lying on the floor, on his stomach, arms stretched forward, leaving the floor chest. 3 sets of 15. It works the upper abs.

5. Pose in Turkish. Back flat, hands behind head lock, twist the body, alternating right - left. 25 with the right 25 and left.

The systematic implementation of these exercises in a month - half you will see the result. Your tummy definitely change the shape will fit and beautiful.

It is interesting!

Swing the press before meals or 2-3 hoursafter. After classes or workout for 3 hours, you can not eat spicy, greasy, sweet. You can drink non-carbonated water or green tea. The organism will receive less energy, will burn body fat, thereby improving the effect of training. When you exercise in the workout press, make sure that that would not overload them, it could lead to a hernia. It is not necessary to repeat the gentle exercise - this will have little effect. Perform the exercises should be increasing the load, that is, from the lighter to the more complex. Very useful to constantly keep track of whether your stomach in - it's a great gym. It is also useful to rub his stomach with cold water or an ice cube as you make your abdominal muscles more actively decline.

Several rules of training:

- Do not use weights (dumbbells, barbells). Weight generates voluminous muscles.

- Do not focus on the training of the oblique abdominal muscles, especially if you have a broad waist and hips. Well developed obliques visually enhance the waist and hips.

- During exercise press keep on their toes, keep breathing. The result will be much better if you make 25 times, but correctly, 50 times anyhow - like.

- Train with intensity, do not let yourself do the exercises at half strength - this will be of little avail.