Fitness and Sports


We often hear the word "fitness", but not every one of us knows what it means. Let's discuss in this article is about fitness.

So what is the fitness and how it affects thewomen Health? Fitness, as a science, has an impact on the human locomotor system. Fitness Classes increase strength, develop flexibility and endurance. Fitness activates anabolism, which forms the tissue and energy substances that provide functioning of the organism. This effect provides a fitness positive mental and physical health, which leads to better health.


At present, few women are associated with largephysical exertion. On duty, and the current situation in life, we spend almost all the time motionless sitting at work, on the subway or car, and coming home I want to sit quietly on the couch and watch your favorite TV series. Therefore, the most common fitness exercise today is an ordinary walking. Walking is very good for the weak, unprepared for the physical training of people, for people with low activity. Walking is a great way to support nenadoedlivym and, in some cases, and to improve their physical health and mood. Walking should be brisk pace, starting with 5-10 minutes a day and gradually increase the duration of the trips up to 30-45 minutes a day. For many women walking - it is a preparatory stage for the more active types of fitness workouts, as a man whose normal state is a sedentary lifestyle, it is very difficult to start immediately to do, for example, jogging.

But fitness - it is not just a way to support theirin normal physical condition. With the help of fitness, you can adjust the shape as a whole, or individual sections. So, with the help of special fitness exercises, you can pretty quickly get rid of the hated abdomen, reduce waist, hips make beautiful, shapely legs and more.

With can and should be using the fitness fightoverweight. But in order to lose weight need intensive physical load on the muscles. In the first 20 minutes of active exercise is mainly consumed glycogen from the muscles, the reserves of which are very easy to fill, which means that at this moment the body to lose weight will not be. Next, the body gradually begins to use the accumulated fat reserves for energy. But after only 40 minutes after the start of exercise, your body is already fully switched to the use of body fat. Hence the optimal time for fitness activities for people who aim to lose weight - is considered to be 1-1.5 hours. Notable fitness effects occur during training at least 3 times a week.

To adjust the figure, tighten the muscles of the different parts of the body need to constantly smenivat fitness exercises.

Aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging,cycling, swimming, dancing, etc. considered to be the good kind of fitness is for those who want to lose weight. The reason is that the work of the body's aerobic system depends on the cardiovascular system, which in turn provides oxygen all cells of the body, namely with his participation, and there is glycogen processing and fat into energy.

An important condition for fitness trainingIt is the proper balanced diet. Remember that fat burning need carbohydrates that are contained in the required amount in bread, fruit, vegetables. If the body does not receive these products, the weight loss will be due to muscle mass rather than fat reserves. Therefore, doing fitness, refuse low-calorie diets.

At the end of the above, we note thatwhen systematic fitness training and nutrition in a fairly short period of time, you can get rid of the extra kilos, tighten muscles and become slim, healthy body, which dreams of every woman.