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Exercises for the abdomen.

Women have a great body, whichhis usual state is simply obliged to remain small. Yes, it is the stomach. If it is a small, resilient if your abdominal muscles tight, then you will have good posture and health. "Outstanding" belly, of course, to some extent, you can hide, but the view is still "a little bit pregnant." And if the will power and the time is still not enough to charge, there will come Springtime - it's just that a critical feature when you need to make an effort and start to give myself up.156415646

So - go ahead, to a flat stomach! To avoid painfully ashamed under the summer sun. And we have to go in two directions at once. First, reduce the layer of fat on the abdomen, which for women is arhitrudnym business. Second - to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

First. Folds of fat on my stomach, if you hold it with two fingers, should be equal to 1 cm If it is more -. It's overkill. In this regard, the main task: to eat less, 1-2 times a week to arrange fasting days, to move more. Down with fast food. Do not forget: the amount of food, especially greasy, spicy, fried, we are reducing, while use more vitamins (vegetables, fruit). But not only. Now it is definitely the use of synthetic vitamins and nutritional supplements. If you can not afford expensive imported vitamins, domestic use, (such as "Undevit"), they help to survive the spring vitamin deficiency, colds, bad skin.

Many dieters have noticed thatno matter what diet they are not sitting, belly sizes or do not change at all, or are beginning to decrease gradually in the last turn, when it runs out of patience. So one way out - how to train your abdominal muscles much as possible.

Here is a set of exercises that will help strengthen your abdominal muscles.

1. Lying on your back, arms extended along the body, palms touching the floor. Raise the straightened legs at the knees at a height of about 30 cm, 2 times a little tap one foot against the other. Then slowly lower your legs. Breathing evenly. Repeat 6-8 times.

2. Lying on your back, arms extended along the body. Raise the straightened legs holding a small dumbbell feet to a right angle. If you find it difficult to keep his legs straightened, a little can bend their knees. When lifting - exhale when lowering - inhale. Repeat 6-8 times.

3. Lying on your back, hands behind his head or chest. His chin dropped to his chest. On the exhale, sit down, try to reach the breast to the knees. Raising the body, try to slightly rotate the body alternately to the left or right. On the inhale, lie on the floor, do not lower your head. Repeat 5-6 times.

4. Lying on his right side, straight or bent at the elbow, right hand put under his head, the left - on the waist. Raise your left leg up without bending at the knee and lower. Exercise repeat 6-8 times. Then roll over to the other side and do the exercise with the other leg. Exhale do when picking up the pace.

5. On his knees, a little place feet, foot fingers touch each other, put his hands on her hips. Now arch your back. It is very intensive work knee joints. Back straighten, the chin lift. Exercise repeat 6-8 times. When the sag, breathe in.

6. Bike. Lying on your back, arms extended along the body, palms lean on the floor. Lift your legs up and do the movements, like riding a bicycle: foot describe small circles (carefully straighten the legs at the same time). Repeat the exercise 8 times.

7. Lying on your back, straighten your shoulders, arms slightly take away from the torso, palms lean on the floor. And now his feet do the movements as if you swim breaststroke: pull the legs to the abdomen, knees apart, heels together (slow motion). Then, abruptly lower the legs down to the floor and quickly connect them together. Exercise repeat 6-10 times.

8. SPIN. Make-pressed from the table or from the wall. 10 times.

Of course, it is necessary to achieve the desired effectwork hard, but worth it. And if you absolutely no time for yourself - then get yourself a simple habit - draw the stomach while walking. Although it quickly bored.