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Exercises for quick weight loss.

Exercises for quick weight loss

Exercises for quick weight loss Sometimesneed to lose weight quickly, and so that it does not hurt the appearance of not limp skin, hair and nails do not lose their color and luster, as is often the case when a rigid diet. To help in this case, can only exercise. But such intensive systems only by the young who do not have chronic diseases to people. weight loss principles have long been known: it is necessary to expend more energy than you get. It would seem, from this we can conclude that the more raskhoduesh energy, the more will grow thin.

But there it was, our body has a verycomplex device, including it is perfectly protected from the loss of energy as soon as our subconscious picks up that energy is consumed too much included defenses in the form of a "wolf" appetite, which helps to harvest the energy of the future, that is, to save fat.

The protective mechanism is triggered and the extremeDiet: a person becomes a slow, relaxed, losing little energy and even puts it in reserve. That's why at the most strict diet, you can get better. The best option - a combination of a balanced diet (with the exception of easily digestible carbohydrates and animal fats) with moderate, but constantly increasing physical activity.

As is known, the constant exercise withhigh physical loads can be bad for health, especially on the state of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it makes no sense to use such load for weight loss, can only undermine health, while not reaching its main goal - weight loss.

If a person leads a sedentary life,it is better to carry out physical exercise in two phases: first, gradually accustom your body for increasing the intensity of load (the criterion here is the lack of shortness of breath), and then perform the entire complex completely.

In addition to the complex of exercises for quick weight lossit is necessary to engage in walking, running, swimming, etc. In general, these exercises must take at least one hour a day, they must be held with a moderate load, but for a long time, preferably continuously. The reason that the load should be continued for at least an hour is that to obtain the energy required for this work, the body first uses a previously unused carbohydrates (they are the main daily energetic materials) and only after all carbohydrates are used in the course of are fat reserves. Depending on the amount of carbohydrates in the body is using them for about an hour.

Any exercise can be done by alternatingvarying degrees of intensity. For example, brisk walking for a minute well change at a slow pace during the same period of time. And remember that all the exercises you need to do to be able to easily fatigue.

A sample set of exercises for quick weight loss

Quickly lose weight will help blend endurance exercise (cardio - walking, running, swimming, etc.) with exercise, such as such:

1. be straight, feet shoulder-width apart, slowly raise your arms forward, up and down through the side (start from 5 times to reach 20);
2. be straight, feet shoulder-width apart, bend forward, trying to get his head on the knee (start with 5 times to reach 20);
3. The original standing position, feet shoulder width apart, bend down in turn in different directions (start 5 times in each direction, to end at 15);
4. squat from a standing position with your back straight (start from 5 times to reach 30);
5. standing to do sharp movements across the foot (mahi), first forward, then backward alternately different legs (start with 5 times each leg, to reach 20) ;.
6. The starting position lying on the back; lift straight legs extended (both) with elongated toes (start from 5 times to reach 20);
7. starting position lying on his back, hands behind his head; raise the body in a sitting position, and you can catch hold of the toes of some stable object such as the edge of the bed or the couch (start from 5 times to reach 20);
8. original position lying on your back with bent legs; move in different directions basin (3 start times on each side, complete - 10);
9. The initial standing position, holding small dumbbells (0.5 to 1 kg); slowly raise your hands up through the sides and also slowly lower (repeat 2-3 times, to reach 5-10);
10. The starting position
standing, hands behind his back; take your right foot to the sideso that the elongated toes touch the ground, tilt your body forward, so that it was parallel to the floor, lift your right leg as high as possible, slowly bend and straighten it in the knee, then return to starting position and do the exercise with the other leg (start with 3- 4 times, to reach 15);
eleven. starting position lying on your side with your knees bent at an angle, hands behind head, elbows out to the sides; straining abdominal muscles, pull your knees off the floor, while lifting the upper torso; repeat all, lying on the left side; (Start with 5 times on each side, and reach up to 15).

Physical exercise and active lifestyle combined with proper nutrition will make your perfect figure without extreme diets.