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Exercises for office workers

Exercises for office workers

1. Pull the neck
Relax the back muscles.
SP: Sit on the edge of a chair, rounded back, put his chin down. Hands are weaved into the lock and pull forward. Go back to the SP. Repeat 4 times.

2. Pull the side
Relax the back muscles, obliques, the muscles shoulders, neck.
SP: Stand up, put your feet diagonally, keep your back straight. Right hand pull the left and return to the SP. Perform 15 times in each direction.

3. Pull the leg
Relaxing the calf muscles.
IP: Lean hands on the back of a chair, put one foot on the front. On the exhale, slowly endure her body weight and maintain this position for 30 seconds. Deep breathe. Do 2 sets on each leg.

4. Pull the hip
Stretch the front of the thigh.
SP: Bend your leg at the knee, grab the hand of the foot and tighten it to the buttock. Maintain the position for 30 seconds.
Do 2 sets on each leg.