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Exercises for beautiful underarms

Exercises for beautiful underarms

Exercises for beautiful underarms? It sounds strange, but nevertheless, nasty fat cushions in the armpits is almost every girl. Since the diet in this situation is not particularly helpful, we offer you a set of exercises for beautiful underarms.


To the right, quickly and easily complete the entire set of exercises for beautiful underarms, you need a few things, which is in every house.
First, the towel. Not too short, so that you could keep it at a distance of divorced hands. Second, children rubber ball: diameter 35 cm and more preferably not heavy. And, thirdly, a conventional roller Divan.

Warm up.

Before you go directly to theExercises for beautiful underarms, we need to stretch their legs. You can go out for a run, but you can perform a set of warm-up exercises at home. To begin making a circular Mahi hands, and then a few minutes walk around the room, lifting his knees high. Sweating? Getting.


This set of exercises for beautiful underarms youyou can perform either in conjunction with your basic strength training, either individually 3-4 times a week. At this rate, your armpits again become beautiful within 2 month.

1.Szhimaem ball.
Take in the palm of children's rubber ball and liftthem over the head. Now tense and relax the grip of the ball. Try first to do it quickly, and then - the most heavily compress the ball for a long time. Now shalt thou finish your hands in front of chest and do the same. After that - Put your hands on the hips level and repeat.

2.Rastyagivaem towel.
Take a towel in his hands so that the distancebetween your hands it is not too high - 60 centimeters Raise your arms above your head and tense and relax the muscles, and then repeat it in the position of the hands in front of chest and hips. Plus, this exercise is that, as a bonus, it also tightens the chest.

3.Poza bracket with roller.
Put Divan cushion on the floor and take the emphasis lyingso that the palms were on opposite sides of the roller. Straining and hold in this position for a minute, then rest and repeat. Why, they ask, is needed cushion? It helps to maintain a fairly wide distance between the hands, due to which it is necessary, we activated a group of muscles.