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Exercises for a flat stomach.

It's no longer a secret that yogarelieve stress, develop the flexibility of the body and contribute to the improvement of the whole organism. Especially popular enjoys yoga for women also because it suits all ages and regardless of the complexion. The main thing - the desire and the appropriate attitude.

In addition to yoga, there are exercises that are essentially "dried" body fat and muscle (strengthening them, but not increasing in size, as opposed to exercises with dumbbells in the gym).

Exercise 1

Become straight, the lower limbs are joined together, hands are lowered. Strain your abdominal muscles at the same time omit the shoulders. We stand in this position and breathe deeply and exhaled air.

Exercise 2

We make a big step forward with the right bottomlimb and bend it at the knee. With respect of the foot, it must stand on the floor, while the sock is to look forward. As for the left foot, then it should also be on the floor, but it will need to turn left at ninety degrees. Sock while looking course side. Raise your hands up and add up their boat. We draw in the stomach and remain in this position for a few seconds and then repeat the same exercise, but the left foot.

Exercise # 3

We make a big step forward with the right bottomlimb and bend it at the knee. Turn body to the left, and the hands should be stretched in different directions. During the execution of the yoga exercises for the abdomen and waist is very important to always look ahead.

Exercise # 4

Kneels, thus, straightening his back andarms, stomach should be drawn, and eyes directed forward. We take a deep breath, during which very slowly flex back and lowers his head. During exhalation will need to return to the original position.

Exercise # 5

We sit on the floor and pull exactly the legs and arms. Slowly raise the legs at an angle of forty-five degrees from the floor. This position is faded for a few seconds, while maintaining the balance of the whole body. At this point, you should feel the muscles tense up your press.

Regularly performing a complex database of exercises, very soon you will notice that your stomach has become flatter and the waist has decreased by a few centimeters.