Fitness and Sports

Exercises for the waist and abdomen.

Exercise 1. Slopes

Conventional tilts from side to side to helpform a waist. There are several embodiments. Here is one of them. Pick up a dumbbell, bend elbows and raise them to shoulder level. Palms facing away from you. On the inhale do tilt to the right. On the exhale, return to starting position. Do not tilt the body forward, so you reduce the load on the muscles. And, hence, the effectiveness of the exercise. Start with 20 times, and then increase as much as you need.


Exercise 2

You will need a regular chair. Sit so that you can keep the balance, but do not lean back in his chair. Keep your back straight, your hands grasp the base of the chair. And, straining the abdominal muscles, lift your knees to your chest. Do 20 times.

Exercise 3

Now get up on his knees. Hands folded in front of him on the chest. On the inhale begin to recede. Keep your back straight. Popa is not bulging. This exercise will involve all the abdominal muscles. Repeat 20 times.

4. Exercise Bike

I think it is not necessary to describe the technique, as you all know her from school. Do 2 sets of 20 times.

Exercise 5

Sit on the floor. The legs bend at the knees, hands, pull the front of the chest, put one hand on the other. The body tilted back at an angle of 45 degrees. Begin to rotate the torso to the right until it stops, and then left. Make 20 times in each direction.

Exercise 6

Lie on your right side. Right hand bend at the elbow. The elbow should be just below the shoulder. The left hand lift up. On the inhale lower it slightly expand the body and place your hand between the body and the supporting hand. On the exhale, raise your hand. Do 10-15 times for each side.

And, of course, all kinds of housing rises. Do not pursue quantity. Make sure that you are doing the exercises properly, as a coach. Then you notice the results.