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Exercises for the chest.

Exercise №1

We need to take a dumbbell weighing 1-2kg (depending onyour physical fitness). Hands must be pulled along the body. Then - slowly lift them up in front of him, just slowly lower. From five to fifteen repetitions.

Exercise №2

It should lie on your back, hands with dumbbells dissolve inhand, bending them at the elbows. Straightening the arms, raise them up. Then lower them again. At the same time to strengthen the abdominal muscles, lift your legs straight up, fix them at an angle of 90 degrees. From five to fifteen repetitions.

Exercise №3

Hands with dumbbells have to pull forward. Hold the dumbbells should be at shoulder height. Slowly spread your arms to the sides. Slowly return them to their original position. This is an exercise for the chest can be done while lying on the floor or on a gymnastic bench. From eight to ten repetitions.

Exercise №4

It folded palms at chest level. Fingers point upwards (as in prayer). Press the palms strongly to each other. Keep voltage ten seconds and then relax. Repeat ten times.

Exercise №5

It should be on your knees and pull your hands up. Do springy movement back and forth with a small amplitude. Repeat fifteen times.

Exercise №6

We need to embrace her arms by the shoulders and raise your elbows. In this position, perform a circular motion with his elbows as much as possible the scope and intensity. Repeat until you get tired.

Exercise №7

It is necessary to pull the arms forward, slightly straining them. Squeeze fists and intensifying cross-movement "scissors". Follow until enough forces.

By performing these exercises you will make your breasts firmer and toned. Be beautiful!