Fitness and Sports

Required knowledge before training at the press.

For training in the press as little as 30 minutes;

Training should include at least 3-4 exercises;

Exercises should involve the upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles;

Each exercise should be 3-4 sets;

Rest between sets minimum, preferably no more than 1-2 minutes;

Each approach at least 20-30 repetitions;

Each training session to increase the load;

It is advisable to use every workout some new exercises to your abdominal muscles do not adapt to repetitive stress;

If only twist and not to tilt with the weighting, the waist is not lost when the swing oblique muscles.

Before and after exercise for two hours refrain from eating


For best results, after the exercise on a press run on the treadmill. Run for 20-30 minutes at least, but it is advisable to run for an hour.

Running after the exercises at the press, and itself running, a very beneficial effect on your body and figure. If you want to dry as soon as possible a run, e is what you need! And the longer the better!

And remember: if at the time of how you are doing abdominal exercises, you feel a lot of pain and a burning sensation in the muscles of the press, that is no reason to stop, on the contrary, it means that the process has begun and work is in full swing! Endure!

After a workout, be sure to stand up to the bridge,to stretch the abdominal muscles. Otherwise, if you worked hard, the next day you will be very painful laugh)) so do not neglect this little nuance after each workout.