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Cold and hot shower

Action contrast shower reminds charge: because the temperature drop muscles contract, their tone is increased. And the skin at the same time tightened. Douches for weight loss: the rules

Make a warm, comfortable and water for himselfwait a few minutes in the shower. Then quickly obleytes cold water and again under a warm shower - and so 6-8 times. Gradually increase the contrast of temperatures. After the procedure, rub vigorously with a towel.

Now the main thing, keep from going to the kitchen, because, after contrasting the appetite soul wakes up serious!

But after a week, you will not recognize yourself! Even if the volumes were no significant changes occur, the energy, vitality, good mood will - more than enough. Feeling as if sprouted wings!

Of course, a contrast shower is very useful andpleasant. However, losing weight is really important an integrated approach for a good result. If we decided to choose the basis for weight loss water, let's do water aerobics.

This activity on the level of take pleasureIt is not inferior to contrasting capita, and possibly exceed it! Exercise in water is easy: you can perform the most unrealistic steps and thus to feel butterflies! Thanks to the resistance of the water load on the muscles is much more important than on land. Exercises with the much easier to perform.

Total for the month of regular water exercise youYou can lose up to 8 kg of extra! Water helps us to get rid of it is unnecessary, not to withdraw from the body fluid or lose weight at the expense of muscle mass.

But even if you take into service adouches for weight loss, it will be a significant step towards harmony and smartness. But this is what you want to achieve before moving on summer dresses and tops!