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Remove fat from the abdomen.

Training takes about 10-20 minutes to performcomplex exercise you need every day. For a start, do 20 tilts the body forward until the back parallel to the floor. Hands are free to hang down along the hull or fixed on the sides. Then do 20 circles her hips, pulling while moving the belly. Then perform a series of jumps 10-90 on two legs, imitating the movement of the jumper with a rope. This is followed by alternate 10-jump on both legs, and repeat one of the following exercises.

Exercise 1. Vertical shears

Lie on the floor under the palm put the buttocks,lower back flat on the floor. Raise both legs up to 90 degrees, then slowly lower right foot down, leaving the left in the initial position. Return the right leg up, do the same with the left leg, do 20 repetitions of the exercise. Immediately get up on your feet and do a series of 10 jumps on two feet.

Exercise 2. "Climbers" Take the emphasis for push-ups - hands under shoulders, feet on the toes. Tear off the right leg off the floor and bend at the knee. Quickly pull the knee to the chest and return to the starting position. Repeat the same movement with the left leg. Try not to bend at the waist and not drag down the buttocks upwards. Repeat this movement 20 times and go to the spotter.

Exercise 3: Tuck

Sit on the floor, hands rest on the floor behind him. Quickly bring your knees to your chest, twisting the power of the abdominal muscles. The movement takes place at the same time, the body tends to the legs and knees to your chest. Returning to the original position, the legs should be straightened, but put them on the floor is not necessary. Repeat this movement 20 times, stand up on your feet and do the jumps.

Exercise 4 feet Lifting from a seated position

Sit on a chair with a firm seat, gentlystraighten up, retract the press, hands grab the edge of the seat, legs bent at the knees, bring to the chest. Do not tilt the body, only abdominal muscles work. Do 20 lifts and complete the cycle of hops.