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Beautiful belly for 3 months.

After 3 months of regular classes around will throw admiring glances at you and girlfriends will be enviously ask how you managed so quickly to make such a beautiful figure.

1. Squats. Start with 20 squats. The back is straight, your abdominal muscles are tense.

2. The slopes of the sides. 20 times a number of approaches.

3. Lying on the floor on his side lift the leg to the level of 90 degrees to the body. According to 20 reps on each side several approaches. This is the most effective exercise.

4. Lying on the floor, hands behind his head. Pedaling. Exercise you know so well. Very effective for the stomach.

5. Exercise with a hoop or hulahupom good clean and grease the sides and belly. Take the money and buy yourself this gymnastic equipment.

Make it a habit to do these 5 exercises every day and in a month you will notice how fat started to walk away from the sides and belly, thallium acquire beautiful shape, and in some way all appear :) Well and less sweet and starchy foods.