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About fitness

Do you remember how to become popularfitness training? You are right with the usual jogging. Today, some gyms have equipped ultramodern equipment such as exercise bikes, mechanical "ladder", rowing machines. Steel Is by this effective fitness classes? Unfortunately no. All depends on the person, but rather on the skills and ability to overcome the leaden heaviness and lack of air. And new aerobic machines here could not help, it is possible to do without them. It is much more efficient to work out with a rope.

How, then, do the exercises?

Fitness trenerovki.

Efficacy studies in the first place, dependson how well you are performing exercises on fitness. What is meant by this? All the exercises are designed to "work" the muscle was reduced by 100 times. Like this? That's how. If you Lift up a little weight, your muscles shorten muscle fiber is very small, but if you increase the weight, hence so much more reduced and fibers.

In sports, there is a rule: muscle growth is dependent on the amount of fibers shortened therein. Exercises are designed to achieve a maximum reduction of muscle fibers. That is, if you perform the exercises properly, will reduce much less fiber, hence the effect of this will be much less.

Before you begin to perform a particular exercise, you must carefully examine the description, and in any case it is impossible for someone to copy, as one person can do it wrong.

The grip

The grip - a position in which you holddumbbell, barbell or handle simulator. It is important to choose a grip, in which you will be comfortable. It is necessary to handle the simulator or the bar to keep the rod firmly, but without the surge.


The most important thing to remember - do not dono jerks. Weight must be lifted slowly, gradually increasing force. To get a result, it is important to strictly adhere to technology, not to lift heavy weight.


Most importantly, the movement when lifting weights andreturn it to the place must be very slow, but controlled. Only in this way can be loaded just those muscles that you want. If you perform the exercises in spurts, much of the effort will fall to the ligaments, joints and tendons.


The most important thing - lifting is carried out on the exhale and lowering - on inspiration. One should never hold your breath, you must breathe slowly and steadily.


Each repetition should be fully concentrated. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts, and it is necessary to fully concentrate on how to operate your muscles.

What is more effective - to increase the number of repetitions or the load?

fitnes.Sila muscle depends on its size. Thus, to increase muscle size, you need to make it stronger. But how to achieve this? What more to lift weights? No, of course, since fitness is not weightlifting, and is on the second place is the increase in the weight of the dumbbells, barbells.

And the first place is an increase in the number of repetitions. By increasing the number of reps per set, you hereby complicate muscle work.

The optimal number of repetitions per set for better muscle growth is considered to be 6-10.

Every human body has its limitsexercise tolerance. Therefore, in order not to overtrain, it is not necessary to do one workout sets 20-50, as this can lead to physical exhaustion and state of complete mental collapse.