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A set of exercises for beautiful breasts

Supple and taut breasts - is not a dreamany woman? There is a special set of exercises that will allow you to pump up the necessary muscles and keep breasts in good condition for many years. The main thing is not to be lazy.

1. The classic push-ups. On the straight legs to perform it with the habit is difficult, so leave it for later. Start with push-ups on all fours. Kneeling down, hands shoulder-width apart, palms parallel to each other. When spinning, you will bend the arms at the elbow, keep the back line was straight, do not bend at the waist.

2. Chest Press. In a prone position or take a dumbbell liter plastic water bottles. If you do the exercises in the hall, use post. Lie down on the bench - a sofa or bed not fit on both sides of the body should be enough space to dissolve hands. So lay down, hands with dumbbells out to the sides and bend your elbows at an angle of 90 °. Hands from the shoulder to the elbow - straight, do not give them a "sag". Slowly raise your hands up, straighten, then slowly lower to the starting position.

3. Perform the same exercise lying on a bench with dumbbells. Hands, elbows slightly bent, pull up the dumbbells parallel to each other. On the inhale hands slightly divorce aside, exhale returns to its original position. The angle of the bend in the elbows try not to change.

4. Exercise with the ball. Sit cross-legged, back straight, hold a medium-sized ball in front of him with both hands, elbows dissolve in hand. Then, very quickly, frequent movements squeeze the ball. Do the exercise for a minute.

5. Hands behind your head. Lying on a bench, legs bent, you can omit them on the floor, you can put on the bench. Hands with dumbbells raised up in front of him and bent at the elbows at right angles, dumbbells should be exactly above the forehead. On the exhale, pull your hands pull back his head, inspiratory returns. Elbows to the side not to divorce.

When you do exercise, watch all the timefor which the muscles tense: the hands or chest. If you feel heaviness in the armpit, then tighten the pectoral muscles, and you're doing everything right.

Each exercise is performed in three approaches, one approach - 8-12 reps.

How to choose the load properly? After the first approach, you will feel where the pectoral muscles are located. After the second - the voltage at this point. And every third repetition is increasingly difficult given. If these feelings do not, then you do something wrong.

Finish complex stretching. Your arms diagonally: right - top, left - bottom. Then jerky movements Bring them back. Change your hand position and repeat. At the end of the session "round off" the back and pulling forward several times.