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A set of exercises "at the wall."

All exercises are performed this complex "leaning against the wall." However, they require considerable muscular efforts. Get to know them slowly, repeat each exercise 10 times.

1. Stand facing a wall at a certain distance from it. Hands outstretched arms push against the wall at shoulder height. Bending and straightening the arms, push-ups from the wall. Try to keep your back is straight.

2. Stand facing a wall with your feet together. Lift the first right hand, trying to touch his fingertips to the wall as high as possible, then the left, then perform this exercise with both hands.

3. Facing the wall, lean on her hands. Alternately rises sharply in the right hand, the left leg.

4. Exercise similar to the previous one, only with the strength of his legs alternately lift back. Rotten.

5. Closely be forced back against the wall. Exhale, tighten the abdomen, back muscles tighten. Hold your breath as you can, then jerky exhale the air, gradually relaxing the muscles of the body.

6. Stand facing a wall. With the power of lean on her straight arms, bend your right leg first, pulling the knee to the stomach, and then left.

7. Stand straight, face to the wall, at a distance from it. Lift the leg and put his foot on the wall. Lean forward, clasp hands ankles, face, touch the knee. Lower the leg. lift your head and straighten. Exercise perform alternately left and right foot.

8. Lie on your back, pull. Bend your knees, put your feet on the wall. Highest "transcends" the wall down and straighten the body, propping his arms buttocks.

9. Lie on your back perpendicular to the wall and make your feet "scissors". The wall helps keep feet at a certain height, prevents them from falling.