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A few secrets to slimming look

A few secrets to slimming look

1. Go to the stairs.
Climbing the stairs, a person burns 11 calories per minute - that is how much you have spent jogging.
2. To help the stomach.
A cup of mint tea after a meal helps digestion and prevent bloating.
Z. Do not forget the feet.
To the feet were soft as a baby, do not be lazy to peel them and feed.
4. Swing the press.
To become a flat belly, do not forget to performspecial exercise: lie down on the floor, bend your knees, feet flat on the floor, hands - on the back of his head. Straining the abdominal muscles, lift the body so that the floor came off the shoulders and shoulder blades. Hold this position (slowly count to four), then lowers back. Breathe in the air while lying on your back and lifting - exhale.
5. Straighten the hair.
Girl with straight hair looks thinner due to straight vertical strands.
6. Select the color.
Wear clothes of one color. It does not matter what it will be - black or color - it will create the visual effect of a slim silhouette.
7. There are dried fruits.
For example, dried apricots, prunes, figs - they are rich in vitamins and trace elements.
8. Choose chocolate.
Keep in mind that the only useful dark - itsugar and small lots of cocoa beans (about 70%). It helps to control blood sugar levels and, consequently, your desire to eat sweets in large quantities.
9. Eat regularly.
If you have not had breakfast, lunch instead sat in a meeting with the boss, and at half-time a quick snack sandwich in your body simply does not have the energy to stay beautiful.
10. Make friends with the sport.
Remember - it is important to the quality rather than the number of sessions. Even a short ten-minute workout can improve your figure.
11. Wear heels.
Firstly, they visually lengthen the leg. Second, when you're in high heels - the muscles are tightened and legs look slimmer. However, avoid the straps at the ankles - they negate the effect of lengthening, and it is not necessary to wear platform shoes - they just spoil the silhouette. Keep in mind that the ideal - heels no higher than 5 cm.
12. Do not abuse diets.
Experts say that it leads tomuscle depletion, slowing metabolism and as a consequence, to an increased need for body fat products. Simple solutions, they can not offer, but asked us to eat, and to starve the mind.
13. Most laugh.
When you sincerely hohochesh, abdominal muscles actively reduced.
14. To love grapefruit.
Their juice - a natural diuretic,which eliminates the swelling. In addition, it is very rich in vitamin C, so by drinking freshly squeezed juice of one grapefruit, you get a real energy boost!
15. Watch for calories.
Avoid very fatty and high-calorie foods, such as fried potatoes and cakes. Give preference to boiled rice, tomato sauce, fish and vegetables.
16. Stay straight.
Good posture not only adds growth, but also promotes deeper breathing, and as a result - the enrichment of cells with oxygen.
17. Respect proteins.
A diet rich in protein, helps the bodycontrol appetite and produce the hormone glucagon, with a deficiency which we start is very fat. Want fats rapidly cleaved in the body - eat fish and legumes.
18. To fight against cellulite.
That the skin was smooth, try to use the anti-cellulite capsules. This clinically tested supplement designed to relieve you from the "orange peel".
19. Track degrees.
Alcohol - it's calories and swelling on the face. Completely eliminate alcohol - is an ideal to be pursued, but it is very difficult to achieve. A possible compromise - drinking white wine mixed with mineral water.
20. Do not blame yourself.
Usually the food is pulling out of boredom or loneliness, so try to eat in the company - you will not have time (and unseemly) to eat delicacies kilograms.

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