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8 receptions for an effective workout.

8 techniques for effective training

To sessions were really helpful, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances. We'll show you what you should pay attention to training.

1. prioritize

Start with the most basic training exercises, or later, they may simply not enough forces.

2. Train your legs

Exercises for legs longer help burn extra calories and fat.

3. Drink water

This is very important because dehydration yet nothing helped.

4. take longer

The body begins to burn fat in just 30 minutes after the workout. And the longer you do, the more fat it burns. Try to exercise at least an hour.

5. Eat more often

Eat 5 times a day in small portions to accelerate the metabolism and not recover.

6. introduce diversity

Do not exercise on a daily basis the same part of the body, because your muscles need time to recover. Prove classes daily, for example: the legs - on Monday, back - on Tuesday, and the chest - on Wednesday.

7. Do stretching

Workouts stretched both before and after them. It is very important for healthy muscles.

8. change their workout

The body quickly adjusts to the same exercise, so try to try new techniques and movements.