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7 exercises to warm up the computer

It's hard to believe, but idleness our muscles get tiredfar more than from physical exertion. When you sit for a long time, the muscles go numb, it starts to hurt neck, and behind it and spin. As a result, except for a gray complexion, your energy is at zero, and sometimes even the head of "upsetting" pain. To avoid this, in a convenient 7 minutes make a small complex on the stretch.

7 exercises to warm up the computer

Exercise 1: Sit on a chair, pull the arms back to the back and locked in the castle. Lower shoulders. Tilt your head forward, backward, right, left.

Exercise 2. The hands still behind his back straightened and hooked in the lock. Pull the hands in the opposite direction from him. So you pull the muscles of the neck and hands. You might even hear a crunching spine.

Exercise 3. Sitting on a chair, stretch your arms in front of him, and linked them to the castle. Lower shoulders and stretch your arms forward. You should feel the stretch as the muscles of the neck upper back. You can slightly rounded back. Count to 10.

Exercise 4. Now, raise your arms straight up and stretch. Count to 10 and loosen the tension.

Exercise 5. Bend your left arm at the elbow in front of him. Put in the crook of his right arm outstretched. Get something like an inverted T. Lower the left shoulder and right hand pull well.

Exercise 6. Sitting, raise your arm over your head and bend at the elbow, so that the brush was behind. Place the opposite hand on his elbow. And gently push. Count to 10 and lower arms. Repeat the same for the other arm. Then, you can throw in the hands of the castle behind. And a little sit down.

Exercise 7. Sitting on a chair, extend your legs under the table and bend your feet. So you pull your calf. Do 10 times for each leg. So, without getting up from the chair, you can disperse the blood and increase its flow to the muscles. And do not forget that after all it is sometimes useful to break away from the computer and go.