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7 cherished exercises for beautiful hips and buttocks.

1. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Making slopes slowly to 10 in each direction. Removes excess fat from the sides - is popularly called the "lifeline."

2. Lie on your back, socks on. Slowly rises one foot, then the other. At 10 times each. Bobs lower abs, tightens the muscles of the legs.

3. Lie on your back. Raise one leg, lifting the torso, making cotton below the knee. On 5 claps for each leg. Bobs upper press.

4. Lie on your back, bend your knees. We lift the pelvis and keep on weight for 20 seconds. 15-20 times. It strengthens the muscles of the back, shakes all the muscle groups of the press.

5. Lie on your right side. Raise your left leg, preferably 90 degrees, hold it with your left hand and lift your right leg to the left. So it is with the other party. It strengthens and tightens the lateral press, remove the excess from the thighs, the so-called ears.

6. Lie on your stomach. Climb on your hands, it is advisable to place your hands wider than shoulder width. Legs cross. Doing push-ups. To start 10 times. Then, each day increasing to 1 times. Tightens muscles of the chest and arm muscles, gets rid of sagging skin on the hands.

7. Take the ass. cross-legged cross-legged. Rolled from one side to another. Splits fat and cellulite on the pope, making it smooth and supple.