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5 foods for a flat tummy.

5 foods for a flat tummy

Do you know the secret of a perfect diet? This is not to abandon the use of food and eat only healthy foods. Do you want to have a flat tummy? Then lean on special products, codenamed & laquo; Ideal flat stomach & raquo ;.
Nutritionists have named the five products that help get rid of excess fat on the abdomen: it's simple - enter them into your daily diet and begin to boast an ideal press.

#1. bilberry
Known for its anti-inflammatoryproperties, blueberries is another & laquo; hidden talent & raquo; - Reduces stomach! Researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that rats fed for three months food comprising blueberries, a significant decrease in abdominal fat. And again decreased triglycerides and increased insulin sensitivity; hence, this delicious berry can also help in the fight against heart disease and diabetes.

# 2. Grapefruit
The US study found that people withoverweight, drink daily half a grapefruit or half a glass of grapefruit juice before the three main meals, experienced significant reductions in both body weight and waist circumference. This may be due to the high water content in grapefruit that helps people feel satisfied because feeling of fullness comes quickly, and the portions are smaller.

# 3. Walnuts
Walnuts are one of the bestplant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are not only excellent nutrients, but they also help regulate stress hormones. When stress hormones (cortisol) in the body much in the body begin to accumulate excess fat, particularly in the abdomen. Therefore, a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, an incredibly effective: less & laquo; stressful & raquo; hormones - less fat!

#4. Yogurt
Dairy products are rich in calcium and amino acidsarginine, which is struggling with fat and increases muscle mass. Perfect milk product - low-fat yogurt is a source of protein that quench hunger and keep you from temptation to eat something & laquo; insalubrious & raquo; for the magnitude of the tummy.

#5. Bell pepper
This is an excellent source of vitamin C, which controls the normal level of the same stress hormone. You do not like pepper? Then eat more of other sources of vitamin C: oranges, strawberries, kiwi!