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10 truths about pantyhose that every woman should know

1. tights dark tones visually lengthen legs and white shortens them.

2. Fishnet tights are good with a high heel, but not with ballet flats.

3. Cheap low-quality tights have round seams that can chafe. Furthermore, they can be seen under clothing. Choose for yourself tights with flat seams or completely without seams, then you can wear them even under the most delicate dress.

4. The thin black tights with a longitudinal seam back very insidious - they only fit ladies with perfectly straight legs.

5. Sandals and sandals imply the complete absence of tights!

6. Large prints on legs visually fattening them.

7. Matt tight tights look very simple and very strict. This option is not suitable for young girls.

8. The maximum percentage of lycra in pantyhose - 30%. If the package specified more then before you fake.

9. The distinctive feature of the brand of tights is a pleasant smell. Each manufacturer uses its own flavor that is difficult to forge.

10. Wash pantyhose recommend manually, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. When such care pantyhose will last you longer.