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From what to wear leather skirt?

The main dilemma when using skirts,which is a fixture in the wardrobe of every woman, speaking the right mix them with other clothing elements. The most pressing question will have such fashionistas who have in their arsenal of clothing leather skirt. Not a cheap product, the classic and beautiful, stands out for its individuality and elegance, but at the same time requires special attention when used with other things. From what to wear a leather skirt to be extravagant, but also to look perfect and stunning?

whimsical colors

Today, designers do not cease to experimentnot only leather skirt models, but also the color gamut. In place of the classic black color came other refreshing colors. The boutique is easy to find a leather skirt burgundy, green, blue, brown, and even orange colors.

But you must know that this option is idealfor the warm season. Woman reshivshayasya a similar experiment in the winter (especially in bright and warm colors) will look ridiculous and absurd.

With extreme caution should be taken toUse leather skirt bright - red. In order that the image does not become vulgar and provocative, it is necessary to dilute the ensemble of the top element calmer colors. Excellent combined scarlet leather skirt with a dark - green woolen pullover with short sleeves. Also flashy shade skirt can be smoothed gently - light cream sweater, light - gray golf or black top. Maroon leather skirt perfectly with pullover of the same shade, solid color or with a light-colored inserts. Gentle image, ideal for girls, you can create, an example of a leather skirt burgundy color with bright - pink pullover. Blue leather skirt elegantly blends with light - gray blouse, decorated with blue accents, or a blouse with a lighter or darker on one tone. Grey leather skirt looks attractive from golf of the same color or with a white blouse. Bright top and perfectly balanced with a leather skirt or dark brown - green color.

Models leather skirt

One of the most common models of leatherskirt is a skirt - Pencil. This option is suitable for both everyday use and for special occasions. Before you decide what to wear leather skirt - a pencil, you need to be guided by the principal rule, which states that such a model is suitable for women with ideal harmony of forms. Short skirt - Pencil draws attention to the slender legs and beautiful thighs, waist dlinnaya- emphasize harmony. Unconditional "allies" skirt - Pencil perform loose-fitting sweater, soft jacket, blouse or a strict top. Cardigan, elongated jacket or bolero will also be an elegant addition to such a style leather skirt.

For women with a curvy shape your dreamspeak leather skirt and - a silhouette that hides figure flaws and its fullness. Due to the versatility, the skirt of such a model is well combined with soft jumpers, short T-shirts and silk blouses.

An excellent option for women of average heightspeak leather skirt - maxi. A similar style, if necessary, hide the shortcomings of the legs and visually narrows the waist. Perfect harmony with the T-shirts that open neck and beautiful shoulders, as well as denim tops and T-shirts cut free.

Young for the fair sexparty or the publication will come to the rescue leather skirt - the sun, the opening leg and visually enhance their length. Gentle romantic image, created in conjunction with the golf, or pullover shirt open, will be relevant for teenagers, so women of middle age and older should refrain from such a choice.

"Companion" will perform for the low womenleather mini - skirt, which is an attractive and relevant element of the wardrobe at all times. Effectively, this model looks a fitting golf, gentle shifovannoy blouse with short or long-sleeved sweater and strict style. The main thing is to pick the top, combined with mini - skirt does not look vulgar and boldly. How to choose a skirt for curvy girls learn from this article.

Shoes suitable for leather skirt

Necessary before putting on leather skirtremember the dress - code and understand how the actual image is created for a particular event and a particular time of the year. Choosing the right footwear plays an important role in this choice.

In spring and autumn leather skirt can be used withshoes with high or medium-heeled leather shoes or suede ankle boots. In the summer of ladies will be able to complete an easy and relaxed way of sneakers, sandals, ballet flats and shoes - the shuttles. And boots and boots made of suede or leather decide the question, what to wear leather skirt winter as the perfect combination and harmony with each other.

Accessories complement the image

The correct style leather skirt, makespectacular and attractive woman in the eyes of others. To complete the image and make it flavor and diversity, it is useful to use a variety of accessories. Clutches and small handbags that are suitable in color to the leather skirt and top objects, perfectly complement the overall sketch. Beautiful and extravagant in combination with a skirt will look nonmassive jewelry made of precious metals, laces, fabric inserts suitable shade, as well as zippers and rivets.

And so, now you know what to wear leather skirt, and now know what to wear coral.