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What sundresses are in vogue in the summer of 2016

Dress - the most popular women's itemwardrobe. This kind of dress different light and airy fabrics, as well as special shaped. We should not be sundress sleeveless top as possible should be open, but the width of the straps can vary. Like color, patterns, fabric, additional decoration.

To understand what fashionable tunics Spring-Summer2016 will be relevant in this season, will have to take a look at this article of clothing carefully. It is necessary to pay attention not only on the style. After all, modern designers have paid great attention to additional accessories.

Length is back in fashion

The new collections occupy a special placeLong sundresses. Moreover, the length of the skirt comes down to the toe. Of course, these styles are suitable for long-legged and slender girls. However, if you find the right shoes with high heels, it is possible to use long sundresses actively in any wardrobe. Long sundresses create lightweight feminine silhouette, giving it a mystery and charm.

Very deep cut

When choosing a trendy sundresses for summer 2016 alsoyou need to pay attention to the neckline. It should not be vulgar, but must necessarily be noticeable. Of course, such a model is suitable for the seductress. Moreover, the cut-out is meant not for the bust line, and thigh. Hide beautiful legs in the summer - it's not right, but long styles in fashion. Therefore, many designer collections decided to combine two fashion trend this season.

What pleating and why it is relevant

Pleating was in vogue, perhaps, when ourmothers were young. Then skirt with effect considered the most modern part of the wardrobe. Fashion goes in a circle, and the trends are gradually returning. That style pleating back sundress. This small or large strips of ironing, making its product more stylish, feminine and attractive.

thin straps

We should not be sundress sleeveless, butstraps allowed. Moreover, this season designers are trying to carry out experiments, even with wide straps. In a fashion back subtle variants: the most open shoulders, while maintaining the dress. In some fashion collections straps so imperceptible that it is difficult even to imagine on what rests sundress. But as mysteriously looks!

Is this not the night shirt?

All previous trendy sundresses Officefit, but not those relating to this trend. These products are also called underwear style. This means that the sundress is very similar to ordinary nightgown. On the other hand, such a thing in the locker room is great for relaxing or romantic date, because it raises a woman on a pedestal sensuality. A distinctive feature of these options sundresses is that they will look great as slim, and the lush girls.

Evening wear

Gone are the days when you could sundressesworn only for walking in the yard. In addition, many offices are allowed to go to summer sundresses, designers try to make this garment can be included in an evening wardrobe. While it is rather a dress, sundresses, but they look elegant and gorgeous. Particularly stands out A-Line in the Greek style, or options with lush skirts. The shoulders are bare, but you can easily hide them with a light cloak (very important for a summer evening).

Sophisticated finish

We have already mentioned in this article, that the fashionsundresses should be decorated with various decorative details. Designers try to avoid routine party is not the first season, and this summer 2016 will be no exception. To create an extraordinary model uses a combination of different fabrics, beads decoration, buttons, even feathers.

Look beautiful multi-layered skirt flounces, cut-outs are made not only on the direct, but also oblique lines, are welcome ruffles, asymmetrical seams and different patterns.

How to uncover the body beautiful

In the center of the fashion 2016, with regard to sundresses,are openly transparent fabrics. At the very least, such a model can already be found in the collections of many famous designers. Wear these sundresses need to nudity. More modest versions, of course, include the presence of underwear or intimate areas makes a special fabric strips that cover the fact that on an appointed traditions should not be naked in public, even in the hottest summer day.

In general, the fabric for sundresses continue to choose easy and flowing. To the slightest summer wind skirt beautifully developed and attracted the eyes of fans.

Fashion 2016 summer sundresses differother. But, if you choose the overall trends, the focus in the direction of openness, cutouts, transparent fabrics. Although welcome model with a rich finish, including skirts. Let the summer will be a memorable and very bright with beautiful classy sarafans in the wardrobe!