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What is fashionable to wear girls summer 2016

To look amazing and summerstunning, useful to be familiar with the main fashion trends. They are defined by great fashion designers all over the world even in the winter, so the summer is already possible to confidently review what is fashionable this summer 2016 for girls.

Keep in mind that fashion trends atcreating a self-image, of course, important, but do not forget about individuality. Even if in this season are the most fashionable long dress, but she knows that her short legs such Dress contraindicated should not be carried out in the wake of fashion. Just try to find a suitable compromise it for yourself. For example, a dress, a short front and rear long.

Things free cut

First fashion trends for summer 2016 isfree cut clothes. Many famous designers in their collections have included loose dresses that are easy streaming hiding silhouette. It is mysterious, beautiful and very feminine. Free cut is perfect for those girls who want to cover the possible disadvantages of the figure. Hardly that, we can say that it is a cut of clothes on always summer 2016 offers a Martin Grant and other designers of world renown.

Asymmetry in the form and details

Croy clothes for girls is the summer 2016It is not only free, but also have a certain kind of asymmetry. If you look at the photo, what is fashionable this summer 2016 for girls, then separately drew attention dress with one sleeve or unusual slot in the throat, different clothes cut or a combination of fabrics in one piece of clothing that used to be even hard to imagine together in one image. To look original in this season, you need to include the full extent your imagination. Especially a lot of outfits such a cut can be found in Viktor & Rolf collections, as well as Valentino. By the way, black-and-white palette with asymmetrical detail looks great.

Jumpsuits are back in fashion

The time when suits were clothingOnly workers or American housewives with a minimum amount of funds to exist. This article of clothing in 2016 again back in fashion, and, it can be called a triumphant return. It is best to buy suits from flowing fabrics that are beautiful on the body look even more feminine and luxurious, emphasizing sexuality. It is a combination of the top with a skirt, shorts or pants.

Speaking of shorts!

If you pick an option that is fashionable this summer2016 for girls povsednevku, the shorts for this warm season ideally suited. Moreover, their models can be very different. In the fashion and model to the knee, and very long options and, of course, the ultra-shorts.

Short shorts should buy girls withlong and slender legs. If the lady is sure that the legs - it's not the best part of it, it is better to stay at the shapeless and asymmetrical models. Moreover, as we have already identified, this season they are at the peak of popularity of fashion. Long shorts are perfectly combined with a jacket, so that they can even be worn to work.

Skirts of different styles and fabrics

As for the least popular summer clothes -skirts, then this season is very popular long options to the floor. These skirts are even suitable for social events, not to mention the nature of the road or walking around the city.

Tip! Another popular trend this summer - dress to the floor. It should be an easy, well, if the dress is made of a transparent material.

What is fashionable this summer 2016 for girls Footwear:

  • Flops are still very fashionable and comfortable shoes. It looks great options with stones or beads. Suitable for a hike to the beach, for exploring the city.
  • Braided sandals with lacing. Such models can be either with a heel, and without it.
  • Sandals woven wedge heels or wedges of cork. Feminine looks are very convenient. Suitable as trousers and a dress, sundresses, shorts;
  • Sandals heels with thin straps. If to be a romantic evening, this is the best choice for trendy summer 2016;
  • Summer light shoes;
  • Textile ballerina made of light fabrics. Especially popular ballet flats with an openwork weave. They can be worn with trousers and shorts, short dresses and skirts;

Now you know all the details of what is fashionablethis summer 2016 for girls and will be able to perfectly compose your image, update your wardrobe. In pursuit of fashionable clothes and accessories, keep in mind their individuality and uniqueness. Sometimes your own style of the girl looks in it is better than the most expensive thing from the collection of the fashion designer.