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What is fashionable in the autumn of 2016 for women

Each year, the fashion has its own rules and currenttrends that you should try to observe, to look stylish. Although the style is composed not only of the things that the fashion autumn 2016 women's wear, but is also required, and adding their own flavor. Proper combination of these two approaches will give a surprising result.

Unlike the summer mode, which is sufficientdemocratic and free, it allows you to combine different styles and colors, autumn fashion can be called conservative. Conservatism is already apparent that the need to opt out of the open parts of your body and go to things that will protect from the cold. Therefore, when it comes to photos, that is fashionable in the autumn of 2016 for women, first of all, you need to talk about the overcoats, scarves and hats.

Sleeveless coat

If we talk about the early fall, the outerwearneeded, but it should still not be as closed. Therefore, for the current autumn season leading designers offer different options sleeveless coat. If you see an option in the sale of outerwear, do not worry and worry, this is not a marriage. This coat is called "cape" and it is a leader in the fashion models in the fall.

Free cut

Another embodiment of outer clothing. Rather, here it is impossible to allocate a jacket or coat. The essence of the free cut is that the clothes are not specially sewn to size. Such options of things suitable for young fashion, and they became popular a few seasons ago, but today continues to firmly hold the leading position.


Considering further hanger with things that fashionablein autumn 2016 for women themselves pay attention to the wide pants down (or flared). Wear these short pants can be not only a date or a walk, but even to work. Let these pants do not make a graceful lady, but they sure make it mysterious and desirable.

Influence of the seventies

If you ask for, to see fashion magazinesdifferent decades of the last century, it becomes clear that the fashion process began his movement in a circle. We have this phenomenon is not exactly considered a negative, because the fashion of past decades, beckoning mystery and sophistication. In 2016, designers began to stare in the 70s of the last century. Then things were fashionable models with fringe, extravagant designs, luxury materials. It all comes back into fashion. So, to the fall of this year to look stylish, you may need to go not to the store, and in the closet to his mother or grandmother.

Scottish pattern

Two-color cell was popularthe spring-summer period of this year, and has maintained its position in the fall. Cage did not get out of fashion collections, and today you can find autumn dresses, suits this color.

Fluffy fur

There was a time when interest in bright and fluffycoat fell sharply. But in late autumn 2016, such products can be safely re-buy. If finances on a fur coat is not enough, you can look at the fur bags or scarves. By the way, no less extravagant, stylish and fashionable shoes will look fur.

crazy quilt

Of course, this fashion trend does not mean thatautumn need to go, wrapped in a quilt. But to buy a cloak with such motifs as possible. Although today from multicolored patches do not only jackets and coats, and even costumes. It combines not only different colors and patterns, but even different in texture fabric. It turns out interesting and fresh.

Red color

If we talk about 2016, the colors, heredefinitely need to mention the red color as the classics of the genre. He is in the last year did not hand over their positions, but in 2016 climbed to the top of the fashion color series. His images can be created not only in the classic shades of red, but also pink and crimson, crimson and purple colors.

These are the main trends that the fashion for autumn 2016women. But do not, please read these tips, buying up all related items from the shelves. You should always keep in mind its own style and its own personality. If you succeed in autumn 2016 to combine his own style and fashion trends, you will be exactly on the crest of a wave of popularity and refinement.