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We expect your ideal weight

You want to calculate your ideal weight? At the moment, dietetics uses three formulas for calculating ideal weight, which we will tell you about.

What is the most serious mistake of people who want to calculate your ideal weight? This is - lack of attention to his own stature. Because to know your ideal weight should be precisely because of this factor.

Before you get to know your weight, determine yourfigure type. Actually, there are only three: normostenik, hypersthenics and astenik. Of course, there are also transitional options, but to calculate the ideal weight, they are not fundamental.


Ideal weight and the human constitution

Normostenik - a person who fits insome average norm. Such people - normal physique. So, it is for these calculated ideal weight all existing online spreadsheets.

Hypersthenics normostenik different from beforeall general bone and large volume of the thorax. What should be the ideal weight for him? Naturally, even though it coincides with the growth normostenik ideal weight in this case should be longer. Dietitians give a figure of 10 per cent - an increase in your weight by this number is included in the limits of the ideal weight.

Skinny people are considered and usually have astenikovthinner bone, and their narrow chest. Calculating your ideal weight, they need to know that their weight may be, on the contrary, less than the average for the same 10 percent. Thus, the difference between the fine-boned and big-boned man of the same height can reach 12-15 kilograms, and both will have the ideal weight for their constitution. Keep this in mind when you calculate your ideal weight.

Of course, most of us know hisconstitution. And if not, stand in front of the mirror, plunging stomach and sticking out his chest, and see what you intercostal angle. Acute angle have asthenics, stupid - hypersthenics closer to a right angle - normostenik.

The formulas for calculating ideal weight

The simplest formula for the ideal weight, whichIt applied everywhere, for women - height in centimeters minus one hundred and ten. Calculated? Now, remember what you have learned about the ideal weight above, and adjust their calculations.

The second formula for calculating ideal weight severalmore difficult. Take your height in meters and multiply that number by itself. For example, your height is 160 centimeters, that is 1.6 meters. Multiply 1.6 by 1.6 and we get 2.56. Then your real weight divide by that number. If your weight is, say, 56 kg, then it looks like 56: 2.56 = 21.87. This is an acceptable number because the "good" weight for a person lying in a range between 19 and 26, at the same time of ideal weight - 21-24. The rest, as you may recall, allowed values ​​for astenikov giperstenikov.Esli and number up to 30, you are overweight, and more than 30 - obesity. On the contrary, the rate of below 19 speaks of excessive thinness.

Another way to calculate the ideal weight looksas follows: Measure the chest circumference at nipple level, first on a deep breath, and then - on the exhale. Take the average value and multiply it by your height. Result divide by 240. For example, the average value of the chest circumference - 100 cm (for example, 110 to inhale and exhale 90) - multiplied by the growth of 170 cm - 17,000 divided by 240 = 70, 8. This is your ideal weight, and permissible - plus or minus 10% of the same (in this case - 7 kg).

Now, with knowledge, you will be able to calculate the ideal weight for your particular figure.