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Methods, how to tie a scarf or a scarf around his neck

If you know how to tie a scarf in different beautifullyin ways that do not necessarily have dozens of different versions of this article of clothing. Because a new way to decorate the neck in the same scarf will help to diversify the right image, add him individuality and their zest. We will talk about how to tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in various ways.

Scarves both sexes are withinspring and autumn period. This is not just a piece of clothing that protects the neck from the wind. If the scarf is beautiful tie, but may become an anchor, and the starting point of the image. Coat or winter jacket, as a rule, we have one, but the scarves are different and can be in different ways to tie them to diversify their winter image.

Important! With a silk scarf that can be tied woolen scarf around his neck is beautiful, elegant and unusual. But here it is important to understand exactly how to do it. Fortunately, many ways are very simple to implement.

Versatile options for tying

Scarf as an important accessory image came long ago,More than two thousand years ago in China. There scarves worn by the soldiers only with a practical purpose: to not catch a cold. Over time, the scarves and the East and the West turned into a work of fashion designers.

How to tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in various ways to coat


1. "The Rose." It takes a long scarf or, at least, of medium length. First, tie a regular knot, and then ends are wrapped in are not tight flagella.

2. Then fold bundles, to get ulitochka. After that, scarf will look like a rosebud.

3. To pass the stick through the center.


1. Classics of the genre with a hint of elegance. In such a method of setting has something masculine but feminine is still there.

2. Fold scarf to a state of narrow stripes. Even in such a throw.

3. Now right end to wrap around the left tip.

4. At the bottom make the corner, which goes right the tip of the product.

5. We can only all align.

No. 3:

1. This embodiment includes an implementation in practice of principles of asymmetry.

2. Wrap the scarf, and the ends to leave the front. Now tie a big knot.

3. Node shift is now on the side and top to tie another knot to obtain the volume element.

4. scarf straighten and align, but the tips of his need to stay stuck in volume assembly.


1. This option is great for shawls or scarves shape. square.

2. It is necessary to fold the scarf in half: a triangle.

3. Wrap the neck, leaving a large angle of the triangle in the front. Accordingly, the ends of the triangle are behind.

4. The ends of the rear tie a knot, and then make the same ends were in the front.

5. It is necessary again to tie knots, already front. You can tie a second so as to obtain a spectacular bow.

How to tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in different ways for men

Men also wear scarves, but often with the way they hang on their neck just trouble. To decorate your man, you need to learn a few ways to man's scarf tying.

Parisian knot

This option is suitable for tying a scarfMen who wear a coat with a high collar. Fold the scarf in half and throw through the neck. Two free ends wrapped in a loop and tighten slightly. Now trim scarf and spread it.


This option, how to tie a scarf around the neck is beautiful,even the lazy man will be able to quickly master. We need to throw a scarf around his neck and smooth ends. On the one hand, and tie a knot through the knot thread the other end of the scarf. Now align the structure, so that it looked neat.

Of course, the description of the process of tying a scarf -it is convenient, but not always practical. Therefore, in this article on how to tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in many ways, we offer a variety of pictures. The photographs also provides methods that are not described in the article. Just part of the picture and the pictures phased in this case is much more useful than the usual description of words.

Take a chance to diversify the spring or autumn image. With the help of the usual scarf, which is tied in many ways, you can every day to try on a new style and image.