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Wardrobe woman

Every woman wants to look great, butFew realize that the set of multi-colored clothes in the closet does not guarantee them the perfect style. Clothing should be chosen carefully, taking into account many factors, including style, color, size, style, etc.

Wardrobe woman

It should also be aware that there are so-calledbasic wardrobe items, thanks to which every woman will be able to create the most perfect image. These are things the classic style, as a rule, dark tones and have a narrower silhouette.

Here is a list of things that should definitely be in the wardrobe of a woman who wants to be stylish and elegant:

2 pair of dark pants - black, brown ordark blue wool crepe or a cotton content. Pants should be tailored in such a way as to emphasize the harmony of shapes. One pair of pants should be well suited for evening attire.

2 pairs of jeans - in a good condition. One pair should correspond to the length to wear shoes with heels, the other - on the platform.

3 skirt - skirt trapezoid, which is suitable for alltypes of figures, pencil skirt and a skirt from a neutral structure and color of the fabric. It is better to stick to the color gamut of the preceding claims. Cloth skirts: tweed, wool or boucle.

Shirts - white blouse with buttons in front and several blouses in pastel colors.

3 Sweater - preferably choose a light ofmerino wool or cashmere. One of the sweaters have to be black to create the perfect costume with black trousers. The second should be more neutral: beige, dark gray or camel (in accordance with your tsvetotip). And the third sweater must be such that you will feel yourself in it as comfortable as possible. It should be simple enough and look spectacular with both jeans and a skirt.

2 jacket - one for the office, which should look good with black trousers, and another - sporty, preferably made of leather.

Dress - the only thing that you need - it's a little black dress that goes well with almost everything.

3 bags - the usual classic leather bag that fits to almost everything, tote bag for large items, as well as a beautiful miniature bag- "clutch" for the evening.

5 pairs of shoes - one pair of black shoes on averageheel in a classic or modern style, a pair of evening shoes black satin or suede with closed toes, pair of sneakers, tall black boots and boots for rainy or snowy weather, depending on the climate.

With all this in your wardrobe, you can always look good, combining these things together and adding other suitable in style.
Experiment and you will find your perfect style that will make you look the best!