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Viral Scottish dress: what color

Someone sees this dress is blue with blackstripes, and someone - white with gold stripes. Moreover, one person at different times can determine the color of the dress differently. Why is this happening and what color dress virus in actual fact?

So, is there an explanation of the colorblue dress with a black or white with gold? As scientists say, which is already a few days of disputes around the world had to give their expert evaluation, it all depends on how our eyes perceive color. Every man is the perception will be different, and it may even be different from the perception of color with the same person in a different period of time.

What is the color of the solution viral dresses

The human visual system over time evolutionI learned to sift colors feed color. Moreover, some people drop out bluish shades to see the natural color of the subject. A yellow color are eliminated from the other group of people. This is one of the reasons as explained by scientists, which can lead to a difference of perception.

If a person sees a white dress with gold,this does not mean that his visual system has some problems. Just the fact that, depending on what the man looked lately, before looking at the picture, color perception may vary.

How it all began

A resident of Scotland bought on their weddingdaughter a beautiful dress. She decided to send a photo to young to boast. And then the wedding just was not upset, because young people are not able to come to a common opinion, what color clothes they see on the photo. A man saw a blue dress with black stripes, and the second - a white dress with gold stripes. Agree, is a big difference, then do not start to argue. The result has been posted to publish photos on the Internet to find out the views of users and the color of the dress.

For the first time in the network the question of the color of the dress: blue with black or white with gold was set on February 25. Since then, the controversy did not die down, because the opinion, as in the case of married couples, divided evenly into two camps. In fact, the color of this dress is blue and it has black lace strips.

Analysis of colors

Three-quarters of people who voted on the variousportals on the color of the dress, confirmed that it sees white dress with gold stripes. The rest saw a blue dress, but the point is that the same image to the same person over time, dress can change its color.

Neuroscientist from the University of Washington JaneNaytts told why there was this dispute, and what its nature is covered. Blame the brain work. The brain finds "the color of the light" reflected from the object. This color is separated from that which is considered feasible. That is, the visual system emits light information to extract information about the light.

As for the differences in the perception of color, aboutwhich says this scientist, the situation with the dress in her thirty years of practice, was the most visible, bright and massive example. All depends on the retina of the eye in which the individual minute longer viewing photos: cones or rods. This figure may change over time, and the one who saw the blue dress with black stripes can be on the same picture to see the dress white with gold stripes. And then it happens up to "reverse".

What is the real color of the dress

The exact answer to the question about what color dress(What's the catch this phenomenon, we have already seen) - a blue dress in black lace strip. Furthermore, this clothes shops can be found in different colors. But a white dress with a gold stripe in the fashion line of the garment is simply no.