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Tips and tricks for the girls!

Tips and tricks for the girls!

1) Short visually lengthen legs beige shoes and short little skirt
2) the fullness of the hips will hide pants or jeans, straight cut
3) if you have a thin waist, but wide hips, then you are perfect denim bottoms and belt at the waist
4) Small figures visually diminish, on the contrary, a large increase
5) dresses and maxi skirts make you visually enlarge
6) shapeless clothes disfigures any shape
7) Shoes on the thin heel or heels with round nose do the leg visually less
8) Pointed shoes do more than keep up visually
9) Black tights (no more than 50 d) make your legs for a couple of kilograms slimmer and longer than a couple of centimeters, and in combination with black shoes (or dark colors) will make you the owner of the legs from the ears.
10) Bright Tights, on the contrary make the legs shorter and fuller. But! With beige shoes longer.
12) Transparent blouse makes your upper open to others and shows your dignity, but also disadvantages
14) If you can not combine things right, then follow the classical canons of fashion and style.
15) The rule of three colors: do not use in their way of more than three components, otherwise the risk of sounding ridiculous
16) Hair must be combined with all components of your wardrobe
17) Do not spray perfume on of clothes, except if you use the
some spirits. Odour can persist for months.
18) chubby girls go V-neck, round cutouts girls with oval face.
19) Avoid obsession with something, or play it safe just to be the owner of the wardrobe with black things or things of the same style, for example.
20) Treads shorten the leg!
21) Dress-holder is the same and thin girls and curvaceous. But the girls with a thin waist and feminine thighs will look better
21) Experiment, love yourself, but do not forget about the other, many people are envious and malevolent, do not let them notice your missteps in the wardrobe!

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