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Trendy bridal hairstyles 2016: Picture of trends and novelties hairstyles

Trendy bridal hairstylesWith pleasure will present you the most fashionable wedding2016 hairstyles! Of course, every girl looks forward to her wedding, thinking through every detail of her almost since childhood. That's why all this day to be perfect: the dress, and makeup, and accessories, and of course, wedding hairstyle.

Each year, hairstyles are becoming morevariety, so if you want to be stylish and memorable bride, then you should know what hairstyles are fashionable today. In 2016, there was a lot of new versions of the classic bridal hairstyles, which is not the first occupy the first position among the fashionable, also became popular and new hairstyles, so the choice will be difficult enough. At the same time, hair can look great on long and short hair.

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Trendy bridal hairstyles 2016: Bohemian Style

Long-haired girl, who dream to look cute and romantic in their wedding, choose bohemian style, which helps create a relaxed, but at the same time quite elegant image.

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This will be a perfect wedding hairstyleoptions if you decide to arrange your wedding in a hippie style or the style of the last century. Then it was fashionable enough large curls that looked particularly bold and bright. Curls always left loose that hair can grow beautifully in the wind. This hairstyle will suit 2016 girls who love individuality, romance and tenderness at the wedding. It is most suitable free people. Bohemian style is based on the principle: do everything so that you liked it. That is why it is very individual and unique.

In addition, this style requires that you use a variety of accessories to complement their own way.

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Romantic curls

The main trend in the bridal make-up and fashionWedding hairstyles 2016 is a natural natural beauty. If you want to look fashionable and stylish, then about this trend is worth remembering. The intricate and elaborate hairstyles, which were all the rage in recent years, gradually recede into the background.

Therefore, if you have long hair, justdissolve them and wind at large curlers to get a nice romantic curls. Thus, you will look gentle, sweet and incredibly attractive, especially if you add to the hair accessories in the form of flower garlands and delicate translucent veils.

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Wedding Hairstyle 2016: Simple beam for a romantic image

If you do not want your curls souredfor the whole day of the wedding, but the dream of a gentle and romantic hairstyle that is suitable for long hair, then you should consider a simple beam of a ballerina. This hairstyle has become very popular in 2016, as it is, despite its simplicity, has an elegant and makes the image of the bride truly magnificent.

If you at the wedding will be a few girlfriendsbride, it is possible to make such a fashionable hairstyle and them. In this case, the beam will need to add some of the bride fashion accessory. This can be a brooch or flower, which will help to revive the so simple hairstyle. The shape and size are totally dependent on your preference.

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Spit to the wedding: Fashion Trend 2016

Long-haired girl can choose anySpit options to make fashionable and romantic wedding hairstyle. Of course, do not spit the present invention, because these hairstyles were popular in ancient Greece. This year, all kinds of braids began to slowly displace the classic updo and curled tresses.

Thus braid may be of traditional ormore complex. It is possible to add accessories in the form of delicate flowers or pearls. You can also make simple braids in addition to the main hair. It will play a major role your imagination and willingness to experiment.

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Trendy bridal hairstyles 2016 short hair

If you think you have to make a romantic anddelicate wedding hairstyle short haircut possible, then you are greatly mistaken. Today, more women are paying attention to short hair, in preference to long.

The main feature of the wedding hairstyles forShort hair is to use a wide variety of accessories and decorative elements: delicate flower, a stylish pen, soft mesh or veil romantic tiara. A short translucent veil and let complement your image and make the silhouette more refined and elegant.

Very cute looks small cap, whichThey can be decorated with flowers, feathers, netting, or pearls. They perfectly complement the wedding image and make a short cut to really tender. If your wedding is decorated in earthy natural style, then you can add to the romantic short hair headbands, which became very popular in 2016.

Vintage style returns to wedding hairstyles 2016

hairstyleIn 2016 hairstyles are very popularin vintage style. Retro hairstyles have long gained a great love among the fashionable and stylish bride, the more that they perfectly fit the different styles of retro weddings. So, if you're a fan of vintage hairstyles, then you should consider using a variety of accessories. With their help, you will create an image that will be and romantic, and unique.

For example, the ancient diadem or intricate brooch will be a wonderful addition to your fashionable image. This bride will look a hundred percent glamorous and fascinating and beautiful.

You want to create a fashionable image in 2016Hollywood diva of the last century? Then it is necessary to pay attention to smooth hairstyle with curls and waves that were so popular at the time. There will also be enough to look elegant hairstyle surround beam and lush fringe. The bandage on his head, which can be supplemented with a veil, will help to create a truly unique and fashionable image. In spite of everything, in 2016 the boom in vintage images is still ongoing.

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Accessories: fashion accessories wedding hairstyles

In 2016 hairstyles is better to decorate the natural andnatural accessories that help you add to your image of tenderness and a special romance. Therefore pay attention to the floral wreaths or just flowers in her hair. Flowers today help to supplement a variety of wedding styles from bohemian to the village.

To create a custom image thatwill be remembered for a long time you and your guests, and will look great in photos, you need to pick up such flowers that will go perfectly with the dress and makeup. At the same time, adding a flower or flowers as an accessory, you can express their imagination.

Trendy bridal hairstyles 2014

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For example, if you are bold and bright girl who loves to show their best side, then you should choose one large flower, which will perfectly complement your fashion wedding hairstyle.

It is better to choose the lush flowers: dahlias and peonies. At the same time, a large flower can be decorated and elaborate hairstyle and just loose hair. Also, long hair, wound on hair, can be decorated with a floral wreath. And if you are chosen as a wedding hairstyle plait, we can weave small delicate flowers in it.

These fashionable wedding hairstyles 2016, select your image!

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