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Fashionable dresses with Basques 2016-2017: photo

dresses with BasquesModern designers have solved the secret of the perfectdress - a dress with Basques! It is well suited slender beauties and ladies having a curvy shape. Today fashionable dress with Basques 2016-2017 stirred the podium.

World-renowned fashion house Balenciaga, DiorWe gave them a new brand, and other Cooter enthusiastically taken up this trend that has not gone unnoticed by many celebrities who flit in along with the Basques on the carpet.

Baska as a fashion element of style 2016-2017

dresses with Basques photoBaska is a frill, having differentlength and shape, but its location in the figure is the same: at the waist or below it. In this very fashionable dress can be a different style or style - summer chiffon garment or warm wool. This element is well suited to any fabric texture.

Designers believe Basque "active element"style, because it can eliminate the presence of decorations:.. big earrings, bracelets, etc. For example, it is absolutely does not fit in a dress with a white collar. However, expressive style sleeves bulk form is not contraindicated in the presence of frills.

Not welcome relief shuttlecock lush and clothing for the office: he was supposed to be slightly prisborennoe or have a simple flared shape.

These fashionable dress with Basques 2016-2017 should be chosen carefully!


A Brief History of the emergence of the Basques

In the world of fashion "responsible" for dressesBasques think of Christian Dior. It was his fashion house in the forties of the last century began to offer women these clothes. In the collections of Dior Basque appeared not only on dresses of different materials (tweed, cotton, etc.), But he skillfully "attach" it to jackets and coats. Cooter's merit is that he has long forgotten tradition presented in a new form.

Another famous fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga XX century the emphasis in clothes made it to the Basques, which is not surprising, since he comes from a small town hetero Basque Country.

However, it should be noted that the fashionable dressesBasques have a long history. Baska is an integral part of the national costume Basque (people of the Spanish province of) a wide frill on the top clothes and was popular in the Middle Ages. During Queen Victoria's reign frill used for men's items, and only later transferred it to the fashion women's dresses.

fashionable dress with Basques

Over time, there was a Basque weekend outfits ladies of high society in Spain and France, then throughout Europe and taken root there for long. The Russian women's toilets with Basques appeared in the XVIII century.

However, if before this streak, like a shuttlecock, it served as a decoration, but today modern fashion does not rule out a jacket with Basques, skirt, jacket or even trousers.

Fashion wedding dresses with Basques 2016-2017

Quest for a wedding dress should be preceded by familiarization with the fashion trends. Currently fashionable Wedding Dresses Basques are at the peak of popularity. They not only create a romantic image of the bride, but also visually favorably emphasize all the advantages of her figure.

fashionable wedding dresses with Basques

Original and stylish in a wedding dress looks unusual asymmetric model Basques especially if it is combined in a contrasting color or tone with the dress.

Wedding dress with Basques - this outfit, whichit is difficult to be complemented by other decorations. However, accessory in the form of a handbag simple design, wedding shoes and clutch pumps accentuate the beauty and splendor of this dress. By the way, as noted, that the Basque visually shortens feet, shoes should have a high heel.

Designers recommend a graceful, slender bridechose the dress with multi-tier basques, resembling a skirt. The young lady that has curvy shape, should pay attention to a model with a high waist, where Basque is located above or below the hips, giving the silhouette of harmony.

modnie-platya-s-baskoy 6Fashion designers claim that in the year 2016-2017leadership in colors keeps boiling-white, ivory, champagne. However, it is stylish dresses smoky shades, pastel shades and variations of pink and pale blue tones.

Fashion designers agree that the wedding fashion trends ahead of all other areas of clothing.

The secret to the popularity of fashionable dress with Basques 2016-2017

What woman does not dream about refined figure? Style dress with ruffles, above all, creating a visual effect. The dress looks elegant, highlights the advantages and hide figure flaws. Learning to choose the size and shape of the Basques, the figure can be shown in the best possible way.

Different dresses with ruffles look perfect on the slender girl with the correct proportions. Girls with a boyish figure, wearing a dress with flounces, slightly widen the hips.

Full girl ruffles close curvy hips,that visually reduces them. This Basque should be just below the widest part of the hips. Baska, located at the waist, creating the effect of elegance and fragility of this part of the figure.

However, fashionable dress with Basques 2016-2017 did notdisappoint, if regardless of the type of the female figure, it is made of high quality material, which is able to hold the perfect shape style. Baska has to compete with other decorations, but all the same small neat earrings, thin chain, a bracelet on one wrist not spoil the overall impression of the dress.

Choosing and buying dresses with Basques

Fashionable women's clothing stores today putfor sale a large selection of models of dresses with peplum. In order to review the quality photos of dresses, it is easier to go to the online store website, where information about new advances branded stores.


If you choose a dress for everyday lifedesigners recommend to pay attention to the elegant dress of gray and gray-beige tones. Adding to it a small strap, blending in color, small handbag can be immediately sent to the office for a visit.

It should be borne in mind that the online shopoften offering products on shares, which reduces the cost of the purchase. In addition, fashionable outfit can be bought without leaving home, using the services of shipping department.

These fashionable dress with Basques 2016-2017 - select your charming dress!