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Trendy hairstyles fall and winter of 2015 - 2015 the year

For the new season stylists offer us richselection of hairstyles of various styles and directions. This fall, fashion is everything: romantic curls and unruly curls "a la petty demon", and avant-garde hairstyles with bangs torn.

Trendy hairstyles fall and winter of 2015 - 2015 the year

The avant-garde forms

The hairstyles of this trend is dominated by straight linesand clear lines. Long and multi-layer (step) hairstyles give hair volume and depth. Anarchic colors create little hooligan image. In favor are two shades - blonde duplex (different shades at the roots and along the entire length) and red. Bright emphasis on the ragged fringe.

Romance forties

This line offers women to combinesoft femininity with elegant austerity. Hairstyles in this style charm curls, hairpiece, air locks, which give easy installation asymmetry. Hair color blurry, but very bright: a cherry-red, copper, rich brown, warm blonde. A bright lipstick becomes an organic supplement in full color of your hair.

Stylish decadence

Fashion classic black color returns. Woman in the style of "decadence" is always in the spotlight. This style involves multi-volume hairstyles. Whether it ruffled, gathered in a high ponytail or hair styling more classic evening, they can all be characterized by two words: "great" and "brilliant."

brutal beauty

Hairstyles in this style more like the headpiece. Straight hair is often pulled back, the cut lines are clear. The colors are selected deliberately contrasting example, light blonde on a background of black and inky purple tones looks very provocative. In general, the image turns warlike, but not devoid of femininity.

We asked the coach of the Moscow Academy of ASK and color-expert Artem Vovk tell what color of hair and hairstyles will be especially popular with Russian women this season:

- Despite the fact that the collectionautumn-winter 2015/2015 was very bright and full of trends, while at the same time, it is very affordable. Each of the presented haircuts and hairstyles can repeat any hairdresser in a beauty salon. In fact there is nothing in the collection a futuristic, everything that is presented, borrowed from the past. The mod does everything! Long wavy hair, short hair, a bob with short temples, asymmetrical bangs, curls and ringlets at any length ... The choice is huge! Hair colors are welcome bright and deep - all shades of red, copper, chocolate and golden, light blond. According to my projections, this season Muscovites and peterburzhenki will dye your hair in fashionable colors, but toned-down shades. While residents of the regions (especially the south), as usual, will prefer bright colors.