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Top 10 tips from the best stylists in Hollywood.

Top 10 tips from the best stylists in Hollywood.

№1. Denude in strategic places
To look truly sexy, but notvulgar, it is necessary to clearly understand which part of the body bare, and it is better to hide under clothing. Otherwise there will be notorious riddle. "(!) Choose one, and only one part of the body and only her and show others," - advises Jan Ryde, the stylist Angelina Jolie and Jenna Fischer. If you choose to show the shoulder, stop the choice of the dress below the knee. If you want to open the leg - forget about the deep cleavage.

№2. Choose the right length trousers
"One of the biggest mistakes madewomen - is the inability to find the right length trousers, suitable to the chosen footwear ", - says stylist Cathy Young. According to her, the distance between the hem of the standard leg and the floor should be 1.3-1.5 cm, regardless of whether you chose ballet flats or high heels.

No. 3. Keep your hands free
"Going to a party or a presentation,which implies reception, stop the choice is not on the clutch, and a small, but elegant evening purse on a chain "- advises stylist Cher Coulter from Britain. This thing not only complement your look, but also frees your hands, so you can keep a glass of wine or, for example, kanapeshechku, not showing thus balancing act miracles. Optionally, you can throw a chain-strap over his shoulder.

№4. Properly execute its shape
"Once you find out what the best silhouettesway emphasize your figure - ruthlessly discard trends, which are not suited to your type of figure, "- recommends that the designer Shoshana Gruss. "For example, if you have a low height and rounded forms, you avoid direct maxi-skirt, or dress in the style of the 20s with a low waist. Cheaper you will look dress with a well-defined waist and a medium length skirt.

№5. "Vest" - the best option for the weekend
Things in the strip - a good, classic waylook good on the weekend, "- says Tina Chai. Red or dark blue stripes on a white blouse without the neck - something versatile and stylish at the same time.

№6. Never buy a dull coat
"Tops must not be bought atresidual principle "- said Jenn Young - one of the Holmes & Yang fashion house designers partner. "There are so many people see you only in a coat, and even if you are wearing something absolutely stunning beneath it, people will never know about it is not."

№7. Conquer your fear of bright colors
In order to hit the bullseye combineneutral color - like pastel linen shade with something bold, for example, bright yellow. But! "We should think twice before combining bright saturated colors with black, as this combination is lost brightness and hue seems to be" faded "- advises designer Chris Benz.

The designer recommends that you "enter" brilliant colors a little, using shades that you like the most and what do you use for decoration, such as their homes.

№8. With a small budget - buy stylish accessories
"Beautiful shoes, stylish jewelry - canconvert any, even the most basic things, such as jeans and a white T-shirt, "- says stylist Isabel Dupre, and notes that if in your wardrobe a lot of small stylish veshchichek, about the complete image you have nothing to worry about.

№9. Wear stud earrings
"Large or small, with fake preciousstones or natural - it does not matter. Stud earrings are suitable for any color, style, texture of fabric, dress style and no other piece of jewelry can not compete with them ", - shares his experience stylist Rob Zangardi, who works in particular with Rachel McAdams.

№10. Pick up the shoes under the skin
"In order to lengthen the legs, pick shoes tone in tonethe color of your skin or tights "- reveals the secret of the most famous Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe. Shoes can be both heels and wedges. Remember, fashionable nowadays triangular toe shoes - visually lengthen the foot.