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The stylish and fashionable men's shirts 2016-2017, photos

shirt 2014-2015Unfortunately, not all men follow the latestfashion trends. But at the same time it is possible to find the true connoisseurs of fashion, who want to be stylish and self-confident. But interest in men's fashion shirts 2016-2017 should be in every man!

What exactly are men's shirts in the futureyear? What is the range of colors will be most relevant? What materials are used the designers? All these questions will try to answer in our today's article.

According to modern stylists, shirts arethe basic model of every man's wardrobe, they are constantly used as a basis for creating fashion images, allowing men to dilute its appearance with a small number of suits in the wardrobe.

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With each new year, fashion designers from all over thepeace in his last public displays are the new shirts collection differ in their style, a coloring, cut, materials used, certain elements of decoration.

The new image of fashionable men's shirts 2016-2017will be enough elegant and restrained. The most popular this year are classic cut shirt with a collar and long sleeves, as well as last year, will be actual shirt style shirt. Very original trend of the coming year will be a shirt with stand-up collar in a Japanese style, as well as the military, "collar-tie" and "butterflies". Also very popular are models of men's shirts with a hidden zipper and pockets. It is on these trends are oriented designers Bottega Veneta, Carven, Fendi, Etro, Brioni and others.

The trendy materials and colors of shirts 2016-2017, photos

Beyond the usual shirt fabric in the futureseason couturiers used denim, natural thin knits, natural leather, wool fabrics, as well as materials with a slight sheen. Such famous brands as Dries Van Noten and Lanvin presented at their last show of men's shirts of semi-transparent material that has been put on top of the thin sweater. The apparent trend of the next season will be the men's shirts, which have been combined from several tissues.

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The most fashionable white shirt classic silhouette. Equally important will be all shades of gray, cobalt, red-brown, deep purple, and the color blue spruce.

In addition couturiers represent anotheran interesting trend - fashionable shirt in a different range of colors, for example, it may be a light shirt with a dark strap, collar and cuffs or dark shirt with pockets, which made for a couple of shades lighter. The hit of the coming years will be 2016-2017 shirt decorated with an original print.

Fashionable men's jacket in military style

photo shirtThis style is the most win-winone for each representative of the stronger sex, who wish to give themselves more brutality and masculinity. Military style jackets seen in prints 2016-2017, as well as in the coloring (it pale yellow, gray and gray colors), as well as the pockets to be very fashionable in the coming year.

Shirts for the office

Men's fashion shirt white thinfabrics fitted silhouette - this is a great choice for the office, and it looks very impressive. What would be new, not come up with designers, the white shirt is the most essential for men's trouser suits in any official event.

Conciseness and rigor of men's shirts2016-2017 aged in muted colors of new products, and stand-up-collar. Such models shirts can be worn with business suits classic cut, it can also be worn with matching classic trousers without a jacket.

Fashionable shirts with collars and without them

Due to the fact that many men are unwillingwear ties, some designers decided to create men's shirts without collars at all, so men do not need to wear ties with such products.

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men's shirts will look very stylish withstand-up collar, which are quite tight-fitting neck that have rounded or square corners. Men can wear these shirts as a tie, and even without them. A cut shirts with collars such usually has a fitted silhouette, and it perfectly emphasizes the dignity of all the pieces.

Fashionable polo shirt 2016-2017

For several seasons, notleave pedestals fashion men polo shirts. They can be used to create a variety of images. Usually they are made of fine natural knitwear and short-sleeved, so these fashionable men's shirts will be very relevant precisely in the summer.

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