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Solntsezashitnye glasses

Solntsezashitnye glasses - this is not a luxury. This fashion accessory has more important than purely decorative, purpose - is to protect our eyes. Most consumers are aware of the dangers of the sun on the skin, but many people do not realize that the "insidious" the sun's rays cause great harm to the eyes. To properly protect your eyes, the consumer must be clear how to select a particular type of product, since poorly chosen glasses hurt more than their complete absence.

Solntsezashitnye glasses

Ophthalmologist of New Jersey Dr. CareySilverman decided to share some tips on this topic. Firstly, you need to look for glasses with good protection factor that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays. When light enters a little, your pupil dilates to allow more light in the visual system. Tinted glasses without HC filter are dangerous because they allow more harmful rays penetrate the dilated pupil.

To effectively protect the eyes, you need to wearglasses, detaining 99 of the 100% of UV rays. These glasses protect your eyes from the rays A and B rays more dangerous Studies show that exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause various diseases, including "snow blindness", cataracts and even cancer.

"Sunglasses provide one of the bestprotection from hydrocarbon sources, while the contact lenses with a filter can replace sunglasses. The latter is necessary because they hide under their "cover" the entire eye area, including the eyelids, "- said Dr. Silverman.

What you need to know, getting solntsezashitnye points:

- Look for sunglasses with 99-100% filter.
- Points should be a comfortable fit and slide down.
- Give preference to large lenses to also reduce the risk of radiation.
- High price - this is not a guarantee of quality points. As a rule, expensive sunglasses reflect the latest fashion trends, but does not show a good HC protection.
- The widespread opinion that the dark colorpoints prevents the passage of sunlight - absolutely untrue. Solar filter, in fact, the chemical composition is transparent covering lens, not the hue.
- Contact lenses that absorb UV light, can not be a substitute for sunglasses.

So, designer sunglasses, decoratedrhinestones and fashionable frame, rather suitable for a party in a club or a rim of an alternative hair. And if you're going to warmer climes, or to the beach, it is advisable to approach the selection of sunglasses with full responsibility and, of course, guided by our advice.