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Photos and prices on women's fashion watches 2016

Since the yard is the age of informationtechnologies, the need to have with you always, wrist or pocket, subsided. And why buy a watch, if you can get it from the pocket of your smartphone and see time on it? Today, women's watch - it is more an accessory, which, of course, has to be fashionable and fit into the whole image of the ladies.

There are many brands, from expensive to morecheap that produce women's watches a variety of models. But some women watches are fashionable in 2016, what is the price for them? (a photo). What is the trend in the world of switches and gears are in demand in the women's fashion world?

Color palette

Fashionable women's watch in 2016 (price andphoto) accurately will appeal to those who love all bright and extraordinary. In the fashion season in 2016 gaining momentum female watch with colorful straps. The acidity of lemon shade to fuchsia. But, the main thing is not to overdo it with color, and bear in mind that bright trendy women's watch (pictured) are considered as such only if they have a bright band and a pale face, or a bright face, but pale strap or strap classic colors. Fashion clothing for spring 2016.

color palette includes orange,and crimson, and red. In short, there is, where carousing personages who like to make in your life more colorful. Perhaps the only downside to it is possible to include a fashion trend that such women fashion watches 2016 are not universal. Of course, some can afford to have a lot of watches, under every wardrobe bow, well, while others prefer to choose something more universal.

Fortunately, the classic women's watches2016 are also fashionable, and at a price acceptable (photo). As the saying goes, immortal classics, and this also applies to women's fashion watches casio 2016 from the manufacturer, which should always be not only a fashion trend, but also the traditions of taste and style.

Miniature Dial - a new trend

Of course, bright fashion trend, not all may come to mind. Fortunately, the fashion world have prepared something else in 2016. Trendy colors of 2016.

Fashionable women's watch in 2016 may surprisenot only price, but also its diversity. Miniature dial with the same nonmassive strap will satisfy even the most refined taste of the owners. In 2016, it is possible and necessary to give their preference for an hour, in which a small dial. But recently at the peak of popularity was huge dials! For this reason, not all brands that produce women's wrist watch is manufactured accessories with very tiny dial. As a rule, they give preference dials for at least five centimeters. But fashion dictates its rules, and in this context, 5 centimeters in no way associated with the concept of "miniature."

As it has recently been fashionable largedials, they had to decorate with something that they are not looking boring or empty. Most often, the decor was performed using different stones rhinestones. But in 2016 layout and design of the dial fashion wrist women's watch in 2016 (photo and price) should be concise. To be a trend, it is necessary to choose a small watch with a very mellow, a simple dial.

And what about the strap

We have already mentioned earlier that in the fashion bright straps. And that's what it is fashionable to say about their shape, thickness and design?

If you give preference to the small hoursdial, it should be noted that the wide strap there will be at least inappropriate. The bulk of her watch just lost against the background of massive bracelet. Therefore, choosing a fashionable wrist women's watch in 2016 is necessary to look not only on price but also on the fact that the band looked harmoniously with the dial. For small dial - slim, sleek strap. Fashion tendetsii for the current year.

2016 at the peak of popularity straps with furinlays and straps silk ribbons. And the fur does not have to be natural, and you can buy a watch with artificial fur, which will cost much cheaper. Fur gives the watch that same flavor!

But as the light silk ribbons, thatcan be more feminine and graceful than neat face, holding onto a silk ribbon that "hugs" slender wrist? Of course, such a watch - it's more than a work of art, and it is unlikely they will be perfect for the office, but here as secular or evening walks in the park - just right!

The mod also long watchbands thatwound on his hand a few revolutions. Such a watch is both stylish and comfortable. It's just that most ka mid, which may seek many.

Also this year is very popular clock pendants. This accessory is suitable romantic ladies who like neat and unusual gizmos.

On the Internet you can see numerous photosfashionable women's wristwatches in 2016, compare prices, keep an eye something suitable among such diversity surely be able to choose the cheapest option and fashion watches women's watch in 2016!

In pursuit of fashion importantly do not lose their individual style and taste!