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New images of 2016 to present the Queen!

images of 2016Become the queen dreams of a New Year eventevery girl. But how to create a topical, fashionable and beautiful images for such a special evening? You can help New images of 2016 are created in taking into account the current trends and directions.

Major trends

New for 2016 will be unusual. In it will be a place, like the traditional images, and the new, unusual for the winter holidays. Therefore, the images of Christmas 2016 for girls are the most amazing. You can choose a classic style, bright colors typical of the New Year and modest domestic images, or current trends. The components for each of them will be shoes, clothes, underwear, hairstyle, makeup and fragrance. All the flavors meet the latest fashion trends and can be purchased at any store today.

New images

Here are the images will be relevant for the New Year.

Candy apple

The image will look beautiful on honeyblondes and girls who dyed her hair with the effect of Ombre. Stylists so called transition from dark to light color, which is performed by a special technology. Ombre allows beautifully lighten hair tips and make your way fashionable and modern. It is ideal for those who dream of blond hair, but does not dare to become a blonde. By the way, the dignity of such a dye to become something that does not need to regularly dye roots and harm the hair. This hairstyle looks modern and fashionable.

Thus, the image of Christmas "candy apple" like modern girls, hair color, which is a warm honey tone.

obrazi-na-ng-2016 12

New image

For home can choose a combination of New Yeargold, beige and red. This can be a sweater with snowflakes in red and beige pants or a skirt, or scarlet fitting dress of wool fabric. Solid sweaters and jackets can be combined with Scottish skirts in a large square of red or caramel color. Top of the suit can be bright and shiny, for example, gold or red. Sweater with reindeer and snowflakes complemented by beige festive leopard skirt or leggings. This image would be useful if you are going to celebrate the New Year at the cottage or in the yard of a private house.

possible for the holiday in the restaurant choose shortred dress made of thick fabric with beige tights. It can add a fur vest mustard hue or a warm caramel color. And in the home and in the restaurant forms the main focus is on jewelry, makeup and shoes. In general, all the images of Christmas 2016 for girls started in warm colors, you should look delicious.

fashionable image for the new year 2016

To create such an effect can be supplementedbeautiful dress accessories glossy warm crimson, resembling icing on caramelized apples. For home image can be used large beads with red ear rings and bracelets to match. Welcome pendants and earrings with red apples in caramel. Under the elegant evening dress chosen golden decoration with leaves and red beads and stones. Very well, if it is used jewelry gold color with red berries and apples. It will give your image brightness and appetizing charm.

Makeup for the New Year 2016Well, make any image can be done with the use of make-up in golden and red colors.

- Powder. You can use two options: a classic matte effect and festive gold, which will shimmer beautifully in the evening light. Tone powder is better to choose a warm, with a light peach and golden hue.

- Blush. Under the bright lipstick, you can pick up different shades of terracotta and apricot. Some girls may be used and the warm shades of pink. Blush by red lipstick can be used from peach to a natural pink tone. They should not be too evident.

- Eyeliner. Stylists are advised to use black or dark brown eyeliner pencil or color of dark chocolate combined with golden shimmering shadows. Blondes can make thick arrows brown, emphasizing its natural beauty. Arrows for girls with dark hair can be from black to chocolate brown. Mascara is chosen to match the arrows, though it is possible to allocate the tips of eyelashes golden color. Then the makeup will look very nice and bright in the lamplight.

- The choice of shades. It is best to use make-up with golden shimmering particles in their natural range. Key shadows can vary from champagne color to milk chocolate. The lighter shade of shadow, especially flickering shadows should be in texture. Fashion eyebrows should be allocated not too bright.

- Lipstick. By this way you can use a red lipstick with gloss or Blazhnov warm caramel tones with eyeliner.

New image

Shoes to that image should be on the heels of a beige or red. But what would you choose shoes, they should be with lacquered effect sparkle like caramel apple.

- Complete the fashionable image will eau de toilette by Yves Rocher "candy apple" from the limited collection of Christmas 2016.

But any way you can make up for a photo shoot. You can get beautiful pictures and very comfortable in a warm palette, if you can choose a home New Year 2016 images for a photo shoot, one of which is "Caramel Apple".

Place a photo shoot. House with fireplace, golden or red lights and natural Christmas trees with lights of red and golden color. Very well, if the seats are trimmed with natural fur, and the interior will be decorated red candy apples.

Clothing and make-up. You can wear a sweater with reindeer and snowflakes with red and viscous with a major long Scottish skirt. Owners should look slim figure in a short red dress made of thick fabric.

Features makeup. For the photo shoot in the New Year 2016 image is bright make-up with emphasis on the lips. They paint a bright red lipstick and black eye sum or brown pencil. You can use false eyelashes and shimmering festive face powder with fine Shimmer that mysteriously will sparkle in the light of lights.

Objects for a photo shoot. To image get cozy and home, it is to use different objects. For example, a basket with red apples, candy apple (even fake), candles, a glass of wine, red and gold Christmas tree balls with chocolate candies in gold wrapper, glass of champagne or chocolate. Relevant and fashionable image of a monkey turn brown. Here are some images of New Year 2016 for a photo shoot, you can come up with those who want to create a home a modern image.

Milk and chocolate or mocha ice cream

Christmas 2016 image

Unusual way for a party in a nightclub, orrestaurant can be created using a symbol of the year. Fashionable combination is called "Milk and chocolate or mocha ice cream." This dessert became popular in the network of modern restaurants, from time to time change the composition of their diet. Ice cream "Mocha" - trendy new dessert that is worth a try in the New Year's Eve. But it is possible to have not just a festive dress, but in a beautiful fashionable image, which will be nice look for the girl with dark hair chocolate shades.

At the heart of the image - a long white dress. It may be an open front and a closed rear. For New Year's Eve dress can be supplemented with short fur vest white or cream color with the effect of degrade. White has to move beautifully in shades of chocolate. Sometimes, instead of vests can be used short coat up to mid-thigh. Add a small handbag can set in monkey video in chocolate and white.

Make-up to this way best to do incool shades of cocoa, with emphasis on the eyes. Tone cream and powder selected tender pinkish hue that resembles milk chocolate. The eyes need to take a black eyeliner and make a classic "Smokey Eyes" in chocolate colors without flicker. As a bright accent, you can use silver ink or false eyelashes with the effect of snow on eyelashes. It can be done with white shadows with silver particles, but to apply them very carefully. Lip color lipstick natural colors, and the top is covered with shimmering glitter particles. Some stylists use blush and lipstick cold, but natural pink tones.

Christmas image photo

As decorations for this image canuse all the shades of silver and brown stones. They are rarely found on sale, but they look very impressive. If not, fit refined decorations of silver, which can be inserted into the hairstyle, used for emphasis in the area of ​​neck and hands. On foot you can wear pretty thin tights and shoes with transitions of color from white to brown or copper color. Well, the most important accessory that emphasizes the Christmas mood, can become soft toy in white and chocolate tones, a monkey. It will give the image of immediacy and easy enthusiasm, making its maiden, youth and solid. Well, for New Year's Eve you can feel like a child, even in the form of a chic girl.

Add images possible using expensive andcomplex aroma with notes of vanilla, caramel and milk chocolate. For example, such as a fashionable fragrance Yves Saint Laurent Opium Blee with delicious coffee shades.

the image of the new year

New images of the 2016 photo shoot can be used in the interior of white tones.

Place a photo shoot. It is best to choose a luxurious interior in white, it does not matter that it will be more like - beautiful well-kept house or restaurant. It is desirable that there were white artificial Christmas trees and monkeys.

Clothing and make-up. Make-up should be bright and natural, that eyes were large and expressive. Dress must be easy, but it should pick up the brown fur addition, a better transition from the color of milk chocolate to white.

Hairstyle. It is best to put your hair big curls, so they nicely hung down over her shoulders in waves. For styling, you can use varnish with glitter, which will sparkle beautifully under flash light.

Objects for a photo shoot. As a supplement, you can use pets white or chocolate-colored Siamese cats or kittens, soft toys in the form of brown monkeys, candles, cups of cappuccino, latte, coffee or chocolate, reminiscent of the warmth on a cold winter day.

Image - "Air clouds cotton candy" or "Coconut Paradise"

2016 New images have a tendency to easeand carelessness. Some of them are reminiscent of summer days. They are dictated by the general trends of the year Monkeys, who lives there, where eternal summer. Therefore, using such trends in Christmas style, you can get an image that will be unusual and memorable.

Christmas 2016 image

the image of the new year

Cotton candy back into fashion as the lightstrawberry desserts on a festive table. To create an easy way you can use short light pink dress with a fluffy skirt with thin straps or without them. It should be airy and weightless. Combine it can be with white pearls or with decorations of red or pink gold. Makeup for this fashionable image should be kept in pink tones, but not too bright and flashy. Skin tone can be cold or slightly pinkish. Eyes can be summed arrows blue, brown or black color and use the lashes or mascara with the effect of twisting. The image is very bright and interesting. Well, you can supplement it with a small handbag with pearls and bright elegant slippers, golden laced sandals thin heels and a new flavor of the famous Lacoste brand with bright notes of cotton candy. He will emphasize lightness and glamor of the image, giving it a charming children's shade.

Trendy New images 2016 seductivecandyfloss shades better to shoot in the studio, in the restaurant, which is decorated in bright colors, as well as in the bright luxurious interior. You can spend a photo session on the bed or in a fluffy chair.

As the items you can use sugar(To create the sweet lips close-up), lamps, candles, crystal droplets, which are used in the design of lamps and chandeliers, as well as items of cosmetics and perfumes. Some designers use Christmas toys in the form of candied pink apples.

New image

Another trendy way to please loversturquoise. To create the need to use the easy summer evening dress with translucent turquoise shade texture white fur add-ons, jewelry, footwear and accessories in white. Make-up can be as bright and natural. It is best used for creating a bright lipstick red or pink in color and sunglasses with a white rim. It can add fragrance from Lacoste with notes of coconut and vetiver.

Photo session can be done in homeinterior as well as by the pool or in the nightclub. As a supplement, you can use sunglasses, colorful cocktails, white and silver Christmas balls, summer photo with the sea. All of them will be able to create vivid images and summer, unusual for the New Year in Russia.

Here are some New Year 2016 images can be created for the most mysterious night of the year. Each in its own beautiful and unique.