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The most common mistakes women in dress and manners

The most common mistakes women in dress and manners

1. Nothing spoils a beautiful gait on heels from the hip, not unglued as the label on the sole.
2. Tracksuit. The name says it all - a suit for sports, exercise, but not for the aircraft, the club and the daily life.
3. Women's handbag and sports jacket. No matter what the jacket with sequins, rhinestones and fur on the hood. Get your coat!
4. Improper underwear. Especially when it is several sizes smaller ... And all the relief shines through the thin material of outerwear. The result is like a grid on the ham. Lace bra under a thin turtleneck creates a strange and unhealthy relief.
5. Rainbow. Russian girls love to wear bright coat, hat, white boots and are not afraid to look like Snow White. But the bright colors and the abundance of finishing on top of the clothes is very difficult to combine. Is that with the rest of the absolutely black clothing
6. Uggs. Rhinestones, hohloma, graffiti on dirty worn boots are usually soaked with the corner - it's awful!
Wearing Ugg boots can only be the girls with their own advertising: no tights, with interior motion sweater, shorts and a great tan.
7. Make-Up. Evening make-up with uggami and sports suit - the most amazing combination.
8. Speech. Whatever was beautiful, elegant and stylish girl has no outside, it always will give her speech. Math and rudeness - it's disgusting!
9. Posture. You can buy the most beautiful dress, make the most gorgeous hair and makeup irresistible, but posture can undo everything. Watch out for yourself, look in the mirror on the back, neck.
10. The old taps. You think no one would notice? Beautiful fashionable shoes, boots, ankle boots immediately lose the form, if they are sloppy taps or not proper repairs are made.

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