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Moschino: original and fashionable

Moschino: original and fashionable-1The world-famous fashion brand MoschinoYou can easily rank as the creators of the most stylish and daring outfits luxury. Fashion clothes from Moschino - a popular brand is an ideal choice for the most stylish and self-confident personalities.

The creator of this fashion brand - an ItalianFranko, amazingly talented person who has his original style and unusual vision of a modern fashion, in addition, he has a good sense of humor.

Moschino: creator and clothing line

Moschino: original and fashionable-2Franco Moschino was born in the middle of 1950a small town near Milan. Father Franco also engaged in the manufacture of finished garments, which is why there is nothing strange that his son has the same talent and decided to link future life with a similar focus.

When a young man seventeenyears, he enrolled to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, which was located in the Brera. During his training future fashion designers started working children's illustrator, and after final exams he was offered cooperation several major publications, such as "Linea Italiana", "Harper's Bazaar" and "Gap".

After a while, Franco started to workdesigner. When a young and very talented designer took his first steps in this direction, he received an invitation beneficial cooperation from the world famous Gianni Versace. In late 1978, the designer leaves fashion house Versace to design a new collection of women's clothing for the fashion house Cadette. He created the first collection of dresses defined his further development of Franco Moschino as a designer. About a couple of months after these events, a talented fashion designer meets a girl named Rossella Giardini, and almost immediately the young people begin to work together to develop new lines of clothing.

Moschino: original and fashionable -3

1983 becomes the most important for Moschino,because it is the fashion house Moschino has been opened this year. Young people engaged in the development of patterns, sketches, and on working with materials and fittings engaged Rossella.

The first few years under the brand Moschinodesigner women's clothing produced daily in which very unusual for all the avant-garde combined with the classics. Since 1985, the fashion house is establishing a new line of "cheap and chic", which enjoys great popularity to this day. After some time at one of the shows viewers Moschino is a men's clothing line, after another year he presents to the audience of fashion evening dresses, casual jeans, underwear and shoes. In mid-1987 under the brand Moschino began to be produced spirits.

And now, many professionals of the fashion industry is notcan give a precise definition of the fashionable style of the fashion house. Italian designer himself says that in every thing he had created observed several styles, including every girl could eclecticism note, classics, philosophy and freedom.

All the fashion show by designer Franco Moschino becomes a real shock for the whole Moschino: original and fashionable-4present public. All his collections are stored and advanced mods other people, not follower of fashion trends.

Unfortunately Franco Moschino died in 43 years, this tragic event took place in 1994. After his death, control modes house passed to his wife Rossella Giardini.

At the moment, on the creation of fashion collectionsthis fashion house works is still the same team that almost from the beginning helped create the legendary designer masterpieces. Maybe that's why fashion house enjoys the same popularity among fashionistas and fashionistas from all over the world.

Now the chief designer of the fashion house Moschino soand remains Rossella Giardini and the current executive director is Marco Gabetta. Under this brand produced several women's clothing lines, such as:

- Moschino Cheap & Chic - it's women's clothing at affordable prices for shoppers with the middle class affluence.

- Love Moschino - is extravagant and play clothes for young girls and women. This line of clothing was founded not so long ago - in early 2008.

- Moschino Main Line - this is luxury clothing for women with high incomes.

In addition it should be noted that under this brand produced several lines of men's clothing, accessories, perfumes and denim products.

Moschino: original and fashionable -5

Currently Moschino - a major fashionbrand, which already won the hearts of millions of people in all corners of the world for its collections of women's and men's clothing, perfumes, handbags, swimwear and lingerie, shoes, accessories and jewelry. Each girl will be able to find your style and create the most original and unusual way of using collections from the fashion house Moschino. If you are on the same wavelength with Moschino - it means the union of a lifetime, which over time will vary, but all the same will always be with you.