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Jeans - convenience or harm?

Jeans are fraught with many dangers thatcan not imagine! Rash, peeling, circulatory disorders, allergies, dermatitis, erythema, and even the fullness! This list can be continued troubles for a long time! Now in more detail.

Now, almost every second woman is the subject of clothes, and does not think that it can be dangerous to her health. Especially after spending a small excursion into medicine for them.

Dermatitis. For jeans dismissive attitude? Congratulations - you are the best candidate for the fungal disease. Why? Because the body has regular contact with a dirty cloth, first "earns" dermatitis. However, if a person is not just addressed to the doctor - the disease gradually "captures" all larger and larger areas of the body. Hence, there is a fungal disease.

Violation of circulation. Lovers of tight jeans and slim line models, too, can not be good. Tight trousers can simply break the blood circulation in the legs and cause burning. I felt uncomfortable? Naplyuyte on fashion and beauty, and immediately remove them!

Get kidney disease or overweightrisk of ladies jeans with low waist. The fact is that they do not cover the body portion where these vital organs. Shirts and T-shirts also often do not perform these functions. Hence, girls often suffer from pain in the kidneys. Overweight they can because the body, so try to protect themselves more than fat (ie, warm yourself) in the waist.

Gray, white, blue, black, red,purple - varied colors of jeans. That's just why it is such a result? Naturally, by artificial means. More no paint was not good for our body. That's from the jeans we can get quite unpleasant results in the form of allergy.

What to do to avoid these ills?

1. Buy jeans in size. To do this, before you buy be sure to try on them. Try to be like them in the store and somewhere to sit down. If it is not too tight, and you feel comfortable in them - safely buy.

2. As soon as the irritation felt - throw jeans. Sorry? While they should boil and carefully iron the inner side.

3. Do not wear jeans all the time. Replace them with other wardrobe items.

4. Wash them should at least once in two weeks.

5. In cold weather, wear a padded waist jeans and a sweater.

Jeans are not as harmless as they seem. No wonder that people long to get used to them. But all this, of course, applies only to those who have day-to-day breaks in the super mega trendy jeans and do not care about their health. Dear girls, everything is good in moderation. So if you now sported jeans, tomorrow you can wear pants, and the day after tomorrow - a skirt, even in a day - shorts or a dress. Variations are plenty. And your body will thank you and by others. After all, every day you will be different. And that means - attractive and mysterious.