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Important rules for choosing dresses for the full

letnie-platya-bolshix-razmerov-1The most commendable quality for girls - islove themselves and do not have complexes. But it is bad when flaunt unnecessary weight. After all, they can always be successfully cover. And this helps properly chosen clothes.

To be able to dress - a real art. And it can be learned at all desire, using the measure and harmony. It is necessary to take various clothing options that are specific to each woman and each under a special figure. Do not blindly chase fashion, you need to listen to yourself and see that to face.

Underwear for obese

To begin note underwear. for a bit fat clothes is much sleeker and more elegant look, if for her to wear corrective underwear, such as stockings or a corset.

If you can correctly pick up such items, your figure will look more attractive and will not be visible flaws.


If the girl is full, you have to choose not onlystyle dresses, but also the color. Do not choose too bright outfits, as will look better than plain, and if a pattern, then fine. Also, use dark tones, they visually make you slimmer and lighter, on the contrary, is full.

To hide the visual completeness, help cuffs on dress or asymmetrical zipper, they distract attention from the figures.

On the plump lady double-layer dress will look great with silk, which will fall below the knee gait.

If a woman's curvy shape, it will look good straight one-piece dress that was ahead of the decoration of buckles or buttons in multiple rows.

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Jewellery and Accessories

Choose decorations magnificent woman should be with caution. If it beads, then they should not be large, but long.

If wearing a jacket or shirt, it looks great thin scarf, tied glamorous.

Do not take clothes with lace, so they give excessive lightness, but if an asymmetric trim of lace, it gives femininity.

Any woman can be beautiful to teach and transform all the disadvantages into advantages!