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How to wear high heels?

How to wear high heels?

high-heeled shoes have long gained aplace in the women's locker room. Wearing them, a woman feels more confident, seductive and beautiful. However beautiful to wear high heels at the same time knows how far each.

1. One of the main rules - buy comfortable shoes. When walking on the high heels of your feet and back feel a huge burden, so do not aggravate this effect inconvenience selected model. Do not rely on the fact that with time you get used to the uncomfortable shoes, so take the model of your size and shoe that is perfect for you to not experience discomfort when wearing.

2. Learn to walk on his heels gradually. Buy shoes a few days before the event or the moment when you put it on the long term. Begin walking on the heels of the selected home every day for a few hours to get used to the height of the heel and a block, and you will get tired a lot less.

3. Walk straight. Watch before a large mirror for the way you hold in high heels. Remember, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle should be at the same level as if you had a straight line through them. Relax your shoulders, slightly retract the stomach, straighten your neck and keep your back flat. Do not lean forward, because it will provoke the appearance of excessive load on the legs, which will cause rapid fatigue.

4. Keep an eye on the position of the toes while walking. Try to lift the big toe and the rest lower and hold the same level. Because of this you will be able to reduce the pressure on the toes and keep your back straight, which means that longer held in high heels without feeling tired.


From high heel shoes is better to give, no matter how beautiful it may be, if you have the disease back, pelvis, and legs of the disease.


Avoid wearing high heels all day. For example, after work, change into shoes with lower heels or ballet flats, wear them as well and during the lunch break. The same can be done and on the way back after the party.