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How to save on buying clothes

Most women cost item reservedin a personal budget to buy clothes, it is difficult to control, if it ever carried out in this regard. Visiting shops, we still strive to acquire for themselves the next new thing, even if the cabinet is literally breaking from the outfits already bought earlier.

But learn how to save money on buying clothes is absolutely necessary to any of us. Here we are today, and learn how to save money on buying clothes.

Save on clothes is quite possible

The savings will be really significant,if you understand that most of the things sold in stores and on the market with an enormous and often entirely unjustified premium. Of course, all heard the saying that avaricious people have to pay twice. But it is applied only to those things that were originally not the best quality, so that the wear has occurred too quickly.

The desire to wear beautiful and quality thingsIt may well be consistent with the ability to save. To this end, appropriate to their entire wardrobe be divided into three separate terms in the purpose of the group.

Clothing and shoes that are worth spending

First enable the clothes to wear thatplan as long as possible. It is on these things is not worth saving at all. Of course, in this group, in the first place, it will be included outerwear: a coat, jacket, leather coats and jackets, coats. If the material is a natural product, the thing is, of course, will not be cheap. Low price for such products is a sign not of the best quality.

But it should be noted that modern substitutesleather, cloth, and even for the sheepskin fur today are performed on advanced technology, and as a result of natural materials distinguish them can hardly even an expert. The high price of the clothes are not always acts related factors of quality and durability. In choosing such things reasonably seek the advice of experienced mentors. But by buying a very cheap outerwear is still recommended to abstain. Do not skimp on things made from natural silk, linen, wool and other natural fibers. Such clothes need proper care. And in compliance with the correct technology of cleaning and washing things can serve you forever. Clothing based on natural fibers, compared with synthetic products, of course, has many advantages. Therefore, the savings on these products as a result may have a negative impact on your own health.

It should not be too thrifty when purchasingcasual shoes. When choosing shoes, it is appropriate to overpay for quality, but at the same time and gain some confidence that the puddles and slush you "slap" in which more than one season.

One significant spend, you need toto provide for themselves the so-called basic wardrobe consisting of a minimum set of necessary things in everyday life. Things of this part of the wardrobe should be ideally suited to your appearance. It is appropriate to include jeans, a pair of knitted turtlenecks, blouse or shirt in the cotton-based, strict dress and coloring are still some things harmoniously reflecting casual.

By purchasing a high-quality universal things suchplan, you create the necessary basis in the wardrobe. Any person in the locker room should be, among other things, a couple of sports and such things, which is convenient to carry out tourist trips. For these things to save, if you care about your health, and do not need. Trainers must be of high quality and comfortable, and the tracksuit? the most functional.

Described things you can buy and at considerable cost, but the clothes from the list below the best to include in the category of people spend a lot of money, which is not desirable.

Economy option

On the external aesthetic criteria and quality indicators, such things can be almost identical regardless of the place of their purchase: an expensive company store or the regular market.

  1. Cotton. This is fully applicable, for example, cotton things. This fabric is inexpensive. But the thing of it is custom made as the famous designers and manufacturers, whose products are designed for the mass market. And, of course, an overpayment for the company name when you buy cotton items will not be justified.
  2. Knitwear. The same is applicable in respect of said knitted fabric. The quality knitwear may vary depending on the presence of natural and synthetic fibers. But in most cases the quality of knitted items is determined simply by touch. And if you liked the blouse or shirt from knitwear in an expensive boutique, the market can buy the same thing as good quality.
  3. Synthetics. It is unwise to pay a lot of stuff from synthetic chiffon, rayon, or the like tissues. Items of non-natural materials will differ only in appearance, in a style. But the texture of all these things will be the same.
  4. Knitten things. Of the non-natural fibers can be made and knitwear. And in the process of socks branded items as well as purchased on the market, with the same intensity inevitably covered with spools and stretch. The durability of these products are not determined by the value and proper care of them.
  5. Hosiery and lingerie. To buy at a discounted price to be socks, tights and underwear. The quality of these things define, guided by their own feelings. Underwear from well advertised company in quality and comfort will not be fundamentally different from similar products, designed for the masses. If the expensive clothes you used to wear for the sole purpose to gratify his own vanity, get just a couple of suitable branded kits. A choice and more democratic at the price of options, you can stop for everyday wear. In an extreme case, the road you can have tights or stockings. Determine for yourself the upper limit of the value of these things and try to go for it only in exceptional cases, such as when you plan to purchase a set of underwear, so to speak, for a special occasion. But here it is important to understand that most of the men did not understand that what is the cost of "attire", which turned out to be a lady in an important night for both.
  6. Clothes for a holiday. In the wardrobe of every woman there and clothes for vacations. It also falls into the category of things, which is recommended to save on right. To leave most women try to get a couple of new outfits. But as a rule, then these things are deposited on the bottom of the cabinet, and not waiting for another reason to wear. By the next holiday I want to buy something new. And here bought at the usual market-shirt razletayka in quality, style and color scheme will be no worse than sold in stores from the well-known brand. And how silly to think seriously about how much is a swimsuit, if it is still you will mainly lie on the sand or swim in the sea. The main thing that he was sitting on you perfectly.
  7. Home wardrobe. Of course it should not be expensive and clothing for home. If walking to the shops, you find sell gowns, shirts, knitted sets, feel free to buy such things. Quality criteria for them can be purely arbitrary. If choosing of clothes for "access to the people," you are trying to explore every seam, things for the house to lose its former presentation is literally a week after socks. So do not disparage home clothes, say, China.

On what should be discarded

Sometimes we spend a lot of money on wardrobe items to dress as a result of one or at most two times. If you are familiar with this situation, then enlist in the selection of clothing such rules.

First, obviously, avoid extravagant gizmoswhich is not too easy to wear and are practical. They often accumulate somewhere in the corner, and decided to put them on, not every bold fashionista.

Do not give preference and trendythings that have been at the peak of popularity in the past seasons. Fashion does not revert back very quickly. And if this happens, buy something special and then succeed. If you wear just bought stuff from previous collections, the others can not understand, whether they are new, or do you have to thoroughly shake their reserves last year.

Better at once, and not only in order to save,refuse to buy uncomfortable shoes. If you are the type of shoes are extremely popular, but you suspect that from the comfort of them will only be able to sit, then refrain from this acquisition.

In general, in the preparation of your own wardrobe,wanting to save on clothes, guided by the principle that basis? more expensive supplements? cheaper. Invest significantly in universal everyday things of excellent quality, you will avoid frequent and considerable expenditure in the future. And for a change, you can always buy a cheap little things, parting with that after two or three uses will not be sorry.

Remember also that when you select some items of clothing, the main thing to know what to wear it then. Like example, you can now find out what to wear leather skirt.