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What to meet in 2016, what color to choose?

According to the Eastern calendar in the coming 2016It will be your character. As you know, all there are 12 animals, patrons of each year during the cycle. In 2016, you need to wait for protection from monkeys, which is the ninth animal in the whole cycle. By the way, Western astrologers say that all the characteristics of a Monkey totem animal east compared with the sign of the zodiac as a Lion.

2016 a animal sign: what color, what meeting? We are talking about a fiery red monkey. The element of the animal - a fire, and the flames on the color - it's always red. It is on the red color and its various shades need to be guided in the selection of its New Year's image, though, here it is important to remember the bright and conspicuous details. For example, metal ornaments, jewelery motley, perhaps even feathers!

Female image: it is the carnival

Oriental astrologers advised to meet New 2016year in carnival format. If we talk about Asian countries, where the holiday is always associated exclusively with carnivals, magnificent street rallies. However, according to the Eastern calendar, the year of the Monkey will come only on February 8. But this does not mean that in a traditional night of December 31 to January 1 can not arrange a carnival. Moreover, he is welcome!

2016, which animal sign? Monkey! Now we also know what color, what the meeting, you can explore a variety of images in the photo. But it is important to choose the right outfit for yourself. If you plan a costume theme party, you do not need to be ashamed of in terms of: short dresses that reveal a part of the lush breasts and long legs, bright dresses, high heels, lots of beads and other jewelry. Remember that the monkey - a fashionista, she loves beautifully naryazhatsya, she likes all catchy and brilliant.

Male image: the rejection of conservatism

As for the male image in the New Year's EveIn 2016, it is better to forget about their suits. About rigor need to forget: just imagine a nice cute monkey to understand that it does not correspond to the severity of New Year's Eve. We must try to diversify your image might find skinny metallic color pants or a shirt.

By the way, the man in the New Year's Eve in 2016, too, canboldly experiment with jewelry. If you are sure that glowing bright image is not exactly for you, you need to stop the free-style clothes, but be sure to pick up shades of red accessories. Let this be a handkerchief in his breast pocket, tie or butterfly, socks or underwear! It is important to make the monkey feel that you are asking her luck and blessings for the coming year!

2016, of an animal horoscope, whichcolor, what meeting? On all these issues in detail in a single reply impossible material. But it is important to take into account the most important aspects of a fashionable image.

What is welcome in the New Year image for 2016:

  • Brightness and dynamism;
  • Red colors. This is not necessarily the traditional red color, can be shifted in favor of the shades of burgundy, orange, yellow or even pink. It is important to choose one dominant color in his New Year's image, and then supplement it with details;
  • Shine and tinsel;
  • Courage and a challenge;
  • More open areas of the body;
  • Themed costumes;

Monkey - is a playful animal that loveshave fun. So, you need to spend New Year's Eve noisy, bright and interesting. But we should not forget that this animal has a relatively sharp transition from love and harmony to the aggression. In order not to incur the aggressiveness so cute animal, and enlist its support in the upcoming 2016, pay special attention to the creation of their own New Year's image.